July 31, in Guiyang, Guizhou

A doctor in the ward screams for crying patients

Netizens praised the doctor

How is this going

"I ask you to lift (leg) 40 times

You lifted it twice, what did you lift? "

Dr. Li Guishan is a director of joint surgery

Because the patient did not complete the training volume as required after the operation

He went crazy in the ward

Xun cried a 16-year-old girl

"If you don't want to exercise

Why do you have to do this operation"

It turned out that the girl had an illness when she was 4 years old

Is knee joint septic arthritis

As a result, the child’s leg became disabled

Currently has 5-6 disability status

For the girl's leg surgery

Li Guishan prepared for a month

He communicated well with the girl before the operation

To cooperate with rehabilitation training, the girls also agree

But the girl did not want to train because of the pain

Not cooperate with rehabilitation

So Li Guishan went crazy

"The operation is over, I don't care about you

If you don’t practice it yourself, you’re done."

"Be cruel to yourself

After 20 years, you will thank yourself for struggling! "

After this madness

Li Guishan said that the girl is already very cooperative with the treatment

"There is only one purpose

You want to recover well! "

Netizens praised Dr. Li

"This is for the sake of patients"

"Think of the doctor who trained me before, thank you"

"The benevolence of doctors"

  ▌Source of this article: CCTV News Comprehensive Litchi News