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Prepare the fans, air conditioning, strawberry sorbets. A few days after a heat peak, a new scorching episode is already expected in the coming days across the country, warns Météo-France. "The temperatures will go up" quickly from Thursday, reaching scorching values ​​"from Friday".

"The risk of a heat wave is confirmed for the weekend", indicates the organization in its vigilance forecasts released on Sunday, predicting a rise in temperatures on Thursday and "heat waves from Friday August 7 over a large part of the country ”. "The duration of this scorching episode remains unknown to this day", specifies Météo-France. The summer of 2019 was marked by two exceptional episodes of heatwave and an absolute temperature record for France of 46 ° C.

# Heat wave in #France: the heat wave is confirmed from Thursday or Friday depending on the region. It could last nearly a week: between 34 and 39 ° C from north to south for the maximum. A very worrying situation is looming. pic.twitter.com/FXyKX5Y2BH

- The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) August 2, 2020

Temperature records

Last week, part of France, in particular the South-West, was affected by a very intense heat peak, pushing Météo-France to place up to 13 departments on orange heat wave vigilance.

For eleven of them, the alert was lifted Sunday morning. Something also done for the last two, Ardèche and Drôme, Sunday afternoon. Thursday and Friday, many absolute temperature records were broken, with for example 41.9 ° C in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, 41.5 ° C in Gueugnon, 41.3 ° C in Vichy.


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