Rarely, Israel claimed, Monday evening August 3, air strikes against Syrian army positions in retaliation for "attempts" to place homemade bombs along its disputed border with Syria.

"In response [to this attempt], fighter jets, attack helicopters and planes of the Israeli armed forces struck military targets in southern Syria that belong to the Syrian armed forces," said in a statement. the Israeli army.

In the face of these strikes, the Syrian army's air defense system sprang into action, reported the state news agency Sana, spokesperson for President Bashar al-Assad's regime, citing a military source, who reported only "material damage".

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), the "Israeli raids" targeted the province of Qouneitra. The city of Boukamal, in the northeast of the country near the Iraqi border, has also been targeted by Israeli missiles, OSDH director Rami Abdel Rahmane told AFP. 

The intervention of several foreign actors in Syria

Since the start of the conflict in Syria in 2011, Israel has carried out numerous raids against regime forces but also against its allies, Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, enemies of the Hebrew state.

On July 20, five pro-Iran fighters, including a Lebanese Hezbollah member, were killed in Israeli strikes south of Damascus, according to OSDH, which also reported eleven wounded, including seven Syrian soldiers.

The Jewish state, which rarely confirms its operations in Syria, regularly insists that it will not let Syria become Tehran's beachhead. Strikes blamed on Israel or claimed by the Israeli army regularly target positions in Syria where Iranian forces or Hezbollah fighters are stationed, sometimes killing people.

Triggered by the repression of pro-democracy demonstrations, the conflict in Syria has become more complex with the intervention of several foreign actors. It killed more than 38,000 people.

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