Borrowing a hotel in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture to open a medical treatment facility New Corona 0:09 on August 4

Since the infection with the new coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Nagoya city, Governor Omura of Aichi Prefecture rented a business hotel near Nagoya Station with about 800 guest rooms, Announced to open a medical treatment facility for infected people.

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, Aichi Prefecture opened a medical treatment facility for people with mild illness that had been closed in the beginning of last month in Higashiura Town on the 28th.

Under such circumstances, Governor Omura stated at a press conference on the 3rd that "Approximately 60% of the infected people in the prefecture are in Nagoya city, and it is highly necessary to prepare a medical treatment facility in Nagoya city". In addition, it announced that it will open a second medical treatment facility in Nagoya prefecture.

This medical treatment facility is to rent a whole business hotel "Toyoko Inn Nagoya Meieki Minami" near Nagoya Station, which has about 800 guest rooms in the prefecture.

Aichi Prefecture wants to proceed with preparations to increase the number of medical facilities.

On the other hand, Governor Omura said that during the Obon festival, the number of people who will move to Japan will increase, such as when returning home. I think that it will be done," he said, and later in the second half of this week, he proceeded with the examination and showed the idea of ​​making a call to the citizens of the prefecture.