The post-90s girl drank a cup of milk tea a day and had a "big event". The
   high blood sugar was also related to the detection of dry eyes.

  Wuhan Evening News (Reporter Mao Yin, Correspondent Ao Panpan) I think I need milk tea to bless my exquisite life, and I have to drink at least one cup a day to enjoy it. Because of this sense of ritual, the post-90s girl developed diabetes and also found dry eye syndrome. Professor Zeng Qingyan from Hankou Hospital of Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital introduced that if you drink too much sugar-rich beverages such as milk tea and cola, the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar will decrease, and the sugar in the body will continue to accumulate and blood sugar will easily rise. Inducing diabetes.

  26-year-old Xiao Xu, from Xianning, has worked hard in Wuhan after graduating from university. With a beautiful image, her main job is to shoot commercials, do live broadcasts, desperately accept orders to make money, and strive to gain a foothold in this city. Xiao Xu said that life can be busy but elegant. Every afternoon tea is an indispensable milk tea with dessert. The heavy workload and poor eating habits have caused Xiao Xu's health problems. After returning to work this year, he always feels hungry and easily feels flustered and fatigued. After I went to the hospital for an examination, I knew I was suffering from diabetes. "Unexpectedly, I would get diabetes when I was young." However, the situation was worse than she expected, and her eyes became fragile, dry eyes, tired eyes, and unsustainable vision, which greatly affected work efficiency. Last week, distressed, she came to Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital Hankou Hospital for treatment. After careful examination by cornea and ophthalmologists, combined with the results of confocal examination, she was diagnosed with “dry eye”.

  The doctor asked about Xiao Xu's living habits and found that she particularly likes to drink milk tea, and this habit lasted for more than 3 years, until after the diagnosis of diabetes, it did not converge. Xiao Xu also said that in the years of hard work in Wuhan, it is common to work overtime and stay up late. Three meals a day are irregular. You can skip meals but milk tea.

  "Diabetes patients are more susceptible to dry eye." Professor Zeng Qingyan pointed out that long-term increase in blood sugar in diabetic patients seriously affects the body's normal metabolism and immune response, leading to changes in the ocular surface structure of the patient to induce dry eye. Changes in the ocular surface structure of diabetic patients include: changes in ocular surface cells, changes in tear composition and osmotic pressure, and changes in mucin. These changes together lead to the occurrence of dry eye. At present, there are many treatment options for dry eye. Generally speaking, treatment options should be selected based on the type and cause of dry eye.

  For diabetic patients with dry eye, Professor Zeng Qingyan reminded that blood sugar should be strictly controlled, reasonable diet, rational use of drugs, and bad habits should be changed. It is best to have an eye examination every six months to strive for early detection and early treatment.