The second season of Promenade started on Sunday with 271,000 viewers. The first season ended in February with over 730,000 viewers.

Diederik Ebbinge returned to NPO3 on Sunday with his colleagues. In conversation with, Ebbinge said that he would find it “fantastic” if his program Summer guests would pass in the ratings list. Summer guests on NPO2, however, scored slightly more viewers: 322,000 people saw Janine Abbring's conversation with Nazmiye Oral.

Both programs dangle at the bottom of the top 25 rating of Stichting Kijkonderzoek. A spot in the top 3 required at least 1 million viewers.

Sunday night's best-watched program is the 8 p.m. NOS News , which 1.64 million people watched. Two are Postcode Lottery 1 against 50 with 1.21 million viewers and three are the registration of the British Grand Prix that 1.07 million people watched.

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