"Jedi Men: Fast Pursuit" will be released in China on August 14

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Xiao Yang) The Hollywood action police film "Jedi Men: Fast Pursuit" was announced on August 2 to be released in China on August 14, and the fixed posters and previews were released simultaneously. The film is produced by Columbia Pictures, and is blessed by Hollywood gold medal producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and starred by "The Emperor" Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

  In the preview, Mike (played by Will Smith) and Marcus (played by Martin Lawrence), the legendary Miami detectives, are entering their middle age. In the bar, the two talked about plans for the future. Mike still Enjoying the excitement and speed of work, expressing that he wants to pursue evil, and Marcus is eager to return to his family and enjoy the stable life of retirement. Just when the pair of strongest old irons were about to part ways, Mike suffered a sudden assassination. Faced with the evil forces rampant on the streets of Miami and the deadly killers hiding in the dark and aiming at their targets, the Miami Police Department launched a full-scale fight against the evil forces under the announcement of the sheriff. Marcus also resolutely took action and decided to join Mike again. Against the enemy.

  "Jedi Men: Fast Pursuit" has been fully upgraded in the big scenes and large-scale action scenes. In the fixed preview, whether it is the crowd running away in slow motion, the "Historical Emperor" who fell to the ground with a shot, or hiding The killers who locked the target in the dark pushed the tension to the extreme. The two Hollywood directors Adil El Abi and Bilal Farah, while continuing the big production and big scene blasting elements created by celebrity director Mike Bay in the "Jedi Men" series , Brand new attempts in action scenes such as drag racing and gunfights make this "Jedi Men: Chase Fast" the most anticipated Hollywood action gangster blockbuster of the year.

  Since the film was launched in North America and overseas on January 17 this year, it has won the total box office of the North American Film Market Week for five consecutive weeks. Up to now, it has received 204 million US dollars in box office in North America and over 419 million US dollars in global box office. It successfully defended its title in 2020. The world and North American box office champions so far. Movie word-of-mouth also does not lose the box office. CinemaScore's audience rating is A, and Rotten Tomato's latest audience preference index has always remained above 96%, becoming the No. 1 movie in North America's Rotten Tomatoes audience preference index since the beginning of 2020. "Jedi Men: Chase" is not only the best production and reputation since the "Jedi Men" series was born, it is also regarded by the media as one of the most successful sequels in the film market in the past decade.