, August 3rd. The TV series "Heroes Fearless" is currently being broadcasted on CCTV TV Channel (CCTV-8). As soon as the drama started, it received enthusiastic attention from kung fu fans. As the plot unfolded, more viewers were The characters and stories in the play are attractive.

TV series poster

  The TV series "Heroes Huo Yuanjia" tells the legendary story of the "Jinmen hero" Huo Yuanjia in the last years of the Qing Dynasty. Facing internal and external troubles, he grew from a martial arts master to a patriotic martial arts master and advocated a new style of martial arts.

  The famous martial arts scenes in the play are endless. Cangshan Tallinn, Huo Yuanjia and Wang Wu's competition infected countless audiences, real swords and guns, real matchups, the masters of you come and go, not only the level of martial arts, but also personal charm and spirit. It is reported that in the follow-up scenes, Huo Yuanjia will also "meet on a narrow road" with masters of various sects to promote the soul of Chinese martial arts.

  In addition to two well-known kung fu stars, Zhao Wenzhuo and Shi Xiaolong, many masters are "hidden" in "Heroes Fearless". Kaohsiung, an old opera bone who was born as a dragon and tiger martial artist, has wonderful performances in classic works such as "The Eight Parts of Heaven" and "Jing Wu Men". Together with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Ti Lung, Liang Xiaolong, who is collectively known as the "Four Little Dragons in Hong Kong's Performing Arts Circle", has made achievements in the Northern School of Legs, Wing Chun, and Karate. Free kick fighter Qiu Jianliang also has a wonderful rivalry with Zhao Wenzhuo in the play.