China News Service, Fuzhou, August 3 (Zheng Jiangluo) This year's No. 4 typhoon "Hagupit" has intensified into a severe tropical storm and is expected to make landfall on the coast of Fujian and Zhejiang on the night of the 3rd. According to weather forecasts, from the 3rd to the 5th, there will be significant precipitation in the coastal and southern regions of Fujian Province.

  With the approach of the typhoon, Fujian has upgraded its emergency response to typhoon prevention to Level III, and Fuzhou City has issued a yellow warning signal for typhoon. Affected by the typhoon, many trains in Fujian were suspended that day.

  The yellow typhoon warning signal issued by Fuzhou showed that the center of "Hagupit" was located on the ocean about 462 kilometers southeast of Fuding City (24.5 degrees north latitude, 123.6 degrees east longitude) at 5 o'clock that day, and about 468 kilometers from downtown Fuzhou. The maximum wind force at the center is level 10 (25 m/s, strong tropical storm level).

  According to the Fuzhou Meteorological Observatory's forecast, "Hagupit" is moving to the northwest at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour, and its intensity is gradually increasing. It will pass through the sea on the northern part of Taiwan Island and will make landfall in northern Fujian to the coast of central Zhejiang this night.

  The typhoon will bring strong wind and rain to Fujian. The weather forecast shows that from 8 o'clock on August 3 to 8 o'clock on the 4th, the coast of Taiwan, the Taiwan Strait, most of the East China Sea and the waters near the Diaoyu Islands, the coast of Taiwan Island, the coast of central and northern Fujian, the coast of Zhejiang, the coast of Shanghai, and the Yangtze Estuary , Hangzhou Bay will have strong winds of 6-7, among which the coastal Zhejiang, the northern coast of Fujian, the east of Taiwan, the southern part of the East China Sea and the waters near the Diaoyu Islands will have winds of 8-9 and gusts of 10-11; The nearby seas and areas passing by the center of Hagupit can have winds of 10-12 and gusts of 13-14.

  From 8 o'clock on August 3 to 8 o'clock on the 4th, there were heavy rainstorms in parts of southeastern Zhejiang, northeastern Fujian, northern and southwestern Taiwan Island, among which local heavy rains (100-200 mm) in southeastern Zhejiang.

  The Fujian defense "Hagupit" has entered an emergency countdown. In the morning, Fujian Provincial Party Committee Secretary Yu Weiguo emphasized when deploying typhoon defense work at the Flood Control and Drought Relief Command Center of Fujian Province, we must always put the protection of people’s lives and property in the first place, tighten the string of disaster prevention and mitigation, and keep in mind flood prevention. Typhoon is no small matter, scientific defense, precise defense.

  According to the official deployment, marine operations and passing ships in relevant waters of Fujian should return to the port to take shelter, strengthen port facilities to prevent ships from anchoring, grounding and collision; stop indoor and outdoor large gatherings and high-altitude outdoor dangerous operations. (Finish)