Fidan Ekiz wants the successor of De Wereld Draait Door , which she will present with Renze Klamer, no longer emanates a 'canal image'. Ekiz agrees with the accusation that DWDD would center too much around Amsterdam and strongly argues against this in an interview on NPO Radio 2 .

In the afternoon program Summer nails , presenter Frank Evenblij expresses the wish that the successor to DWDD will not be recorded in Amsterdam, but in Rotterdam. "It is a bit - and this is not always justified - that there is a canal belt atmosphere around everything that is recorded in Amsterdam."

Ekiz fully agrees. "There is also. The argument that you often hear is: yes, but most of the guests are from Amsterdam. Then I think: there you have the problem."

Evenblij wonders whether that is not because Amsterdam is "a real media city". Ekiz disagrees. "I really believe that many people who are often guests, because of their expertise, are really willing to sit in the car or train."

Recordings from Rotterdam

The 44-year-old presenter therefore prefers to see the show recorded elsewhere than in Amsterdam.

For example, she is still having a conversation to record the new talk show in Rotterdam. "It doesn't always have to be there, but it is a first step. There are so many creative people, there is so much talent, why not tap into that?"

Ekiz feels much more togetherness in Rotterdam and feels more at ease there. "In Amsterdam it is very bad: 'leave me alone' and the emphasis is on privacy."

Insiders told AD that BNNVARA would also like to get rid of the 'canal belt image'. Partly because of this, the choice of presentation would have been Ekek.