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In 2011, David Guetta proposed to Katy Perry to sing on his title Titanium , a proposal that she strangely declined. But during the press conference of the Tomorrowland festival in which she participates, the pop star revealed the reasons for this refusal to the main concerned. "Do you remember when almost ten years ago you sent me Titanium  ?" », She declared during a videoconference discussion in which the French DJ participated.

“It was when you worked with Sia (…) - she did a demo for this track. And you sent it to me and I exactly remember listening to it on the plane. I was like "Oh my God, this song is so good. Who's singing on it? They should leave it there. It's a hit. Don't take me! Keep Sia on the tape!" . "

Unexpected politeness

"So I emailed you back… I just said 'You're crazy. I don't need to be on this track. Guard Sia.' And it gave Titanium ”, concluded Katy Perry.

And thanks to this refusal, Sia had the biggest success of his career at the time by climbing to fifth place in the Hot 100. After that, the hits followed one another and Sia finished number 1 with Wild Ones , his collaboration. with Flo Rida.


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