China News Service, Xining, August 1 (Sun Rui, Danyang) On August 1, the Golmud Public Security Bureau of Qinghai Province notified that in the past few days, the Golmud City Public Security Bureau of Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province has organized more than 100 police officers in the end of the missing Huang Moumou. Search for the active area. At about 19:40 on July 30, his ID card, student ID and related personal belongings were found one after another in the uninhabited area on the south side of Qingshui River in the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve. On site investigation, it was found that human bone tissue was compared with Huang's remains. After preliminary investigation, homicide was ruled out. Currently, related work is still ongoing.

The picture shows that the Public Security Bureau of Golmud, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province organized more than 100 policemen and the staff of the Blue Sky Emergency Rescue Center of Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, and the police found the clothes of the missing girl in the Qingshui River Basin of Hoh Xil No Man's Land. Photo courtesy of Blue Sky Emergency Rescue Center, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province

  Xie Wenlin, director of the Blue Sky Emergency Rescue Center in Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, said, “We found the clothing of the missing girl at 16:00 on July 30 in the Qingshui River Basin in the Hoh Xil uninhabited area and the police. On August 1, the family arrived. After Golmud, it was determined by DNA to be a missing girl. According to field investigations, it was found that there was no blood on the clothing and other relics at the scene. It can be preliminarily determined that the girl should have arrived in Hoh Xil with the purpose of committing suicide, perhaps by taking drugs such as hypnosis to keep herself on the scene. Coma, due to the high cold and lack of oxygen in the Hoh Xil no man’s land, and the extremely low night temperature, is the main cause of death for girls who lost contact." (End)