, Fuzhou, August 1 (Luo Zengyong and Yang Shangqun) "Unsecured small loans, simple procedures and immediate lending" seem to be attractive conditions, but borrowers fall into a chain of debt repayment "bottomless pit."

  On July 31, the People’s Court of Gulou District, Fuzhou City issued a first-instance sentence in a case involving Wang and other 20 people involved in gangs. The defendant Wang committed the crime of organizing and leading a triad organization, fraud, kidnapping, extortion, and provocation. Crimes, illegal detention, illegal trespassing into houses, fraudulent loans, and several crimes were punished together. It was decided to execute a sentence of 25 years in prison, deprived of political rights for five years, and impose a confiscation of property of 500,000 yuan and a fine of 960 thousand yuan. . The remaining 19 defendants were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 20 years to one year and six months, and fines ranging from RMB 833,000 to RMB 5,000. The defendant’s property obtained from the crime shall be recovered according to law or ordered to be refunded.

  After the trial, it was found that in May 2014, the defendants Wang Mou and Wang Mouqin jointly established Fuzhou Zhilian Wealth Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhilian Wealth Company) for illegal profit making, based on a store in Wuyi North Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou As a fixed office place, the defendants Yang Moubai, Qiu Mourui, He Moubo and others were gathered together, and without the approval of the competent authority, they used Zhilian Wealth Corporation as a guise to solicit customers, and illegally lend to foreign parties in their personal name, which gradually solidified The criminal mode of "routine loan" has set up business credit department, finance department, collection department (risk control department), P2P operation department and other departments. In order to make the organization bigger and stronger, and to further capture high profits, the defendant Wang Mouqin removed the defendant Wang Mouqin from the company and recruited the defendant Huang Mouju as the general manager of Zhilian Wealth Company, and gradually formulated and improved the company’s Various systems, sorting out the business division of the company’s various departments, and recruiting defendants Lin Moubin, Zheng Moumei, Wu Moufang and others to join. By April 2017, a triad organization led by the defendant Wang Mou was formed. , And gradually develop and grow.

  In January 2016, the victim Xie Mouyan borrowed RMB 200,000 from Zhilian Wealth Company with the real estate as collateral. After deducting head-off interest and spectator fees, he actually received RMB 186,500. Later, the victim Xie Mouyan repaid a total of RMB 109,000. In November 2016, Zhilian Wealth Company paid more than RMB 1.33 million for the mortgage of the real estate and transferred the above-mentioned real estate to the defendant Wang Moujie. After evaluation, the real estate involved in the case was worth more than RMB 3.27 million when it was transferred. From January 2017 to February 2017, Zhilian Wealth Company transferred the above-mentioned real estate to the defendants He Moubo and Weng Moujun. Among them, Yi Mouhua is a salesperson, the defendant Wang Moujie is responsible for the transfer and sale of real estate, and Zheng Moumei and Wu Moufang are financial staff. The defendants Wang Mou, Wang Mouqin, Huang Mouju, Wang Moujie, together with Yi Mouhua, Zheng Moumei, Wu Moufang, and others adopted the above-mentioned "routine loan" fraud mode to defraud the victim Xie Mouyan for more than 1.86 million yuan.

  The organization is managed in a corporatized mode and has strict personnel-level relationships. From 2014 to 2018, through a long-term implementation of a series of organized illegal and criminal activities such as "routine loans", it has committed 106 fraud crimes, involving more than 25.15 million yuan. 1 crime of kidnapping; 6 crimes of extortion; 31 crimes of quarrel-picking and provoking quarrels, resulting in many victims’ homelessness, homelessness, and wives; 6 crimes of illegal house trespassing, which seriously affected the lives of others 3 cases of illegal detention; 6 cases of fraudulent loan obtaining crimes, fraudulently obtaining bank loans of 6.8 million yuan; 3 cases of concealment and concealment of criminal proceeds worth more than RMB 3.82 million.

  After the trial, the court held that the criminal organization headed by Wang had organizational characteristics, economic characteristics, behavioral characteristics, and social harm characteristics of the underworld nature, and should be recognized as a underworld organization according to law. As an organization and leader, Wang should bear responsibility for all crimes committed by the organization, and other organization members should bear corresponding responsibilities for the crimes committed by them, and the above judgments were made in accordance with the law. (Finish)