In the

movie <Anchor>, the President of Korea is expressed in various ways.

In Korean films, Choi Ho-won gathered how the president was drawn and how people sympathize with him.


[I was invited to this peace talk, but we have no place to sign it.]

Before the peace agreement on the Korean Peninsula, the Korean president in the film constantly soothes and reconciles the two leaders of the North and the United States.

However, the North Korean leader doesn't believe in the South Korean president

. Isn't it just trying to raise the approval rating?]

Public opinion against the inter-Korean dialogue is also difficult.

[Jung Woo-sung/Korean President's role:'Don't come back, just live

in the North.'

[Lee Byung-Hyeon/Audience of Film: (President of Korea) There are a lot of situations in which other countries are caught up and noticed here and there, or are unable to prioritize Korea's interests. .]

Presidents in Korean films often carry heavy burdens rather than empowerment.

In the movie'Pandora', you had to deal with the accident of a nuclear power plant, and in'Cold', you had to save the people in front of the epidemic.

[Chain Pyo/Cinema'Cold' Role of President: Citizens, President. The government doesn't give you up in any case.]

On the other hand, the President of Hollywood, USA, fights against aliens with a fighter jet or fights a terrorist directly with a gun.

It is one of the heroes that defeats the villain, and looks different from our presidents in the film, which pays more attention to the leaders' anguish and determination.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-tae)