The Gift of Hajj and Umrah Society in Saudi Arabia announced distributing sterile gifts to the pilgrims to protect them from the dangers of viruses in light of the pandemic of the emerging Corona virus.

The association said that the pilgrims received a gift bag that includes sterile embers, umbrellas with fans, and prayer rugs that are not affected by water, in addition to a sterile factory using "Microsoft" technology that eliminates viruses in 30 seconds, and does not cause any side effects on the eyes, nose or skin.

Mansour Al-Amer, President of the Association, said that the association distributed "the smart mobile hotel capsule", which is a hotel room that does not occupy a large area, with a height of 120 cm, a width of 120 cm, and a depth of 220 cm, sufficient for one pilgrim's sleep to ensure comfort and achieve social separation.

He stated that the association was keen on distributing various gifts to help the guests of Rahman perform the duty in the extraordinary 2020 season, including sterile clothing and tools to ensure safety from infection with viruses.

He pointed out that the association provided a packet of stones to throw stones at each pilgrim, so that the pilgrim did not collect stones from the earth, thus ensuring his safety from epidemics.

He pointed out that the pilgrims got a gift of alcohol-free sterilizer manufactured by "MicroSave" technology, a global technology that has proven successful for years in eliminating viruses in record time.

For his part, said Safa Al-Qaddoumi, director of the "MicroSave" group, based in Dubai, that the sterilizer is made of oxidized water, and does not contain any chemicals that make it environmentally friendly, and does not expose the pilgrim to any damage to the skin or the eye.

She pointed out that the sterilizer has a license from the American Food and Drug Organization, the European Conformity Mark, and the Medicinal and Medicinal Goods Administration in Australia, in addition to the accreditation of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

The Hadiya Al-Hajj and Al-Muammar Association adopted the purification of "MicroSave" to sterilize and disinfect 250 mosques in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, in recent weeks, for its ability to sterilize facilities and mosque carpets and eliminate viruses within 30 seconds.

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