China News Service, Jinhua, August 1 (Reporter Xi Jinyan, Correspondent Zhang Yixiao) Hengdian, known as "China's Hollywood", is an important window to observe the development of China's film and television industry. Now that the epidemic has stabilized, Hengdian also ushered in a wave of crew start-ups. Since July, there have been 48 starting film crews and 63 preparatory crews, an increase of 16% compared with the same period last year. With the re-shooting of the film crew, with the help of local government departments, the entire film and television industry chain is gradually recovering.

  The current Hengdian is full of heat. In the Huaxia Park Studio of Hengdian Film and Television City, the major venues are busy with setting, and actors in ancient costumes can be seen running around. Due to the epidemic, many of the scheduled start-ups were postponed to June and July.

  "Walking around the scenic spot now, you can see multiple crews filming at the same time, most of the shooting locations need to be reserved in advance." In the eyes of producer Huang Jin, the number of film and television crews in Hengdian has increased, and there are factors in place for epidemic prevention. Because of the complete shooting scene in Hengdian, “basically no transition is needed.”

  It is reported that during the epidemic this year, more than 30 crews and more than 6,000 crew members who stayed behind in Hengdian achieved "zero infection" and "zero cases", which laid a good foundation for the crew to resume filming.

  The re-shooting of the crew also led to the growth of prop orders. Walking into the vintage car rental space of the Huaxia Park Studio in Hengdian Film and Television City, I was very busy. The person in charge Zhang Yunling said: "The Hengdian film crew has recently become hot, with cars coming and going."

  "1921", which was started a few days ago, was a scene of heavy traffic and more than 20 classic cars were not enough." Zhang Yunling said that as the epidemic improved and the number of filming crews increased, classic car appointments became an upsurge. While meeting the needs of the Hengdian crew, they also sent classic cars to crews across the country.

  Similarly, recently, Li Huiping, general manager of Dongyang Hengdian Xianhe Props Factory, has also been busy. "The order volume in May and June has increased by more than 30% over the same period last year."

  With the recovery of the film and television industry chain, Hengdian has also regained its former vitality. Walking into Hengdian Si Nian Nanjing Duck Blood Fan Store was almost full. The owner Zhang Weiquan and his lover were very busy, warmly welcoming diners, and constantly preparing for takeaway needs.

  "In the past few months, there were only 20 or 30 takeaway orders a day." Zhang Weiquan said, "Now there are 60 or 70 orders a day, and most of the takeaway orders are ordered by the crew." In addition to the catering business, he also renovated his own building. Later, leased to Heng Piao. The signboard at the gate of "The room is full" proves the rapid recovery of filming in "Hengdian Film and Television".

  In recent years, Dongyang has accelerated the implementation of Hengpiao attracting and gathering, supporting Hengpiao's entrepreneurial development, and implementing Hengpiao's care and protection, so as to create a warm and upward entrepreneurship and employment environment for the majority of Hengpiao. According to incomplete statistics, the development of the film and television culture industry in Hengdian has led to the development of the tertiary industry, providing more than 36,000 jobs, forming more than 10 professional villages for extras, accumulatively registering more than 80,000 Hengdiao actors, and providing masses for the crew. There are more than 6 million actors. (Finish)