[Explanation] A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Harbin Metro Group that from August 1st to 31st, Harbin Metro Group will carry out the "Free subway ride from 19:00 to the last train" activity. During this period, passengers can go to the station security checkpoint to receive free tickets to enter the station. By car.

  According to the staff of Harbin Metro Group, this event aims to promote the development of Harbin’s “night economy”, hedge the impact of the epidemic, and help Harbin’s economic recovery.

  [Concurrent] Sun Wei, on-duty station chief of Heilongjiang University Station, Harbin Metro Group Line 1

  In order to promote the city’s nighttime economic prosperity, Harbin Metro will provide passengers with free rides from August 1st to August 31st at 7pm until the last train. Passengers need to scan the health code and measure their temperature before entering the station. After passing the security check, they will receive free rides. The ticket to enter the station.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Jing, On-duty Station Supervisor of Heilongjiang University Station, Harbin Metro Group Line 1

  Now the country has liberalized inter-provincial tourism, and there are more and more passengers from outside Harbin. In order to promote low-carbon travel and environmentally friendly life for everyone, Harbin Metro provides such a free subway ride in accordance with the development of the night economy. It also hopes to bring a better experience to tourists from other places.

  【Explanation】According to the staff, this free subway ride will take the form of unlimited subway lines and unlimited rides. The ticketing system in the station will be closed after 19:00 in the evening to prevent passengers from repeating ticket purchases. trouble.

  [Concurrent] Passengers

  I think this policy is very good and it is particularly beneficial to the people.

  [Concurrent] Passengers

  Now there are more and more tourists from other places. It is very good for them, because they are just after 7 o'clock after the stroll, and they just go home without spending money. The Harbin subway is very good.

  [Concurrent] Passengers

  This travel is very convenient, it is very practical for the common people, of course it is a lot of benefits for foreign tourists.

  Reporting from Harbin, Heilongjiang by Fan Yingjie

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]