, Beijing, August 1st. On July 31st, a fragment of the work "Winter Journey" by Cao Yu’s daughter Wanfang reopened the curtain at the Beijing Poly Theater and also opened the "110th Anniversary of Cao Yu’s Birthday". Action” performance. The theme of this event is "Focus on one's life with one's own profession". Through Cao Yu's and Wan Fang's six classic works, they sounded a resounding "assembly call" for the resumption of work and production in Beijing's theater industry.

"Winter Journey" fragment. For picture

  "The 110th Anniversary of Cao Yu’s Birthday" is co-sponsored by Beijing Poly, Yanghua Drama, Drama Dongcheng, and Beijing Normal University Chinese Drama Excellent Traditional Culture Inheritance Base. Wanfang served as literary consultant, CCTV host Zhang Yue hosted, CCTV art director, The chief producer Wang Keran is the chief director. This event is also part of the "Drama in the Drama" series of "Theatrical People in Drama" by the Yanghua Drama Series.

  The performance includes six drama clips, namely Cao Yu's "Sunrise", "Beijing Man", "The Wilderness", "Thunderstorm" and Wanfang's "Winter Journey" and "New Wilderness", Shi Ke, Yan Guanying, Kong Wei, Cheng Su , Yan Nan, Lin Lin, Li Zonglei and other powerful actors who have participated in many stage plays. Each paragraph is not only independent into chapters, but also related to each other, and is all accompanied by live bands and singing to form a complete work. These six drama scenes were personally selected by Wan Fang, based on the three themes of "love, hope and confidence".

Wan Fang talks with young actors. For picture

  In the middle of each drama segment, there is also a special session. Wan Fang and the young actor Xiao Zhan started a dialogue and talked about drama and life, such as what is the core of creation, whether classic works should adapt to the development of the times, and Cao Yu's creation process. "He (Cao Yu) is an extremely sensitive person. He is a person full of interest in people. I think that interest in and attention to people is a source of his creation." Wan Fang said.

"Thunderstorm" fragment. For picture

  At the end of the performance, the French artist and Yanghua drama producer Annais Martin finished the whole performance with a theme song "Spring" of the Yanghua drama "Jewish City".

  2020 is the 110th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Cao Yu, the founder of modern Chinese drama. With the performance of this "special action", the "Theatrical Season to Commemorate the 110th Anniversary of Cao Yu's Birth" has also been announced.

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  At the scene, Guo Wenpeng, deputy general manager of Poly Culture Group, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Poly Theater Company, and famous actor He Saifei jointly announced the opening of the performance season, and officially announced the upcoming performance of "Beijing" and "Thunderstorm" in December this year. And four plays of "After the Thunderstorm" and "New Wilderness". It is reported that He Saifei will also star in "Thunderstorm" and "After the Thunderstorm". (Finish)