'Park Jang De So' client Lee Tae-hwan revealed his dating experience.

In the SBS'Park Jang De So' broadcasted on the 1st, actor Lee Tae-Hwan appeared as a client, revealing his love career, and said the desired date course.

On this day, Lee Tae-hwan was introduced as'Love Newborn'. "I started as a 20-year-old adult. I didn't even go on a blind date," Lee Tae-hwan said about his dating experience.

About the last love, Lee Tae-hwan said, "It's been two and a half years. I don't know the date course. I don't like noisy things.

Do-yeon Jang laughed about Lee Tae-hwan's dating taste, saying, "I'm in my 20s. I'm in my 40s." In response, Lee Tae-hwan ordered an active guide saying, “I like to use my body” on a date I hope.

On the other hand, Lee Tae-hwan said, "Let's be cute" and "Actually look slim and beautiful" about the first impressions of date guide Park Na-rae and Jang Do-yeon.

(SBS funE Jisoo Kim Editor)