How to predict the future weather This time, let's check the satellite map by connecting to the weather center.

Namjin Eucaster. (Yes, it's a meteorological center.) Let's point out the map and explain it. How do you expect the rain cloud to move?


Until now, it had been showing a low level, and now it has started to rain again in the northern part of Gyeonggi, Andong, Gyeongbuk, and Chungnam areas.

From now on, strong rain will be concentrated once again in the central region from the night.

Accordingly, heavy rain advisory is in effect in the metropolitan area, Yeongseo and some parts of Chungnam.

In the future, the heavy rain preliminary news will be expanded and strengthened mainly in this central region.

If you look at the amount of precipitation so far, up to 130mm has arrived in northern Gyeonggi, and 80mm of rain has rained in Seoul, southern Gyeonggi, and Yeongseo.

In the future, more rain will be added.

More than 250mm will be poured into the metropolitan area and the west.

There will be a lot of rain up to 150mm in Chungcheong-do.

In the future, the rain will be concentrated between today and tomorrow morning.

In addition, from the evening of tomorrow, it will be 50~80mm per hour between the night of the day, and the strong rain will concentrate as the water bombs pour.

You should be careful not to cause damage in the future.