Going retrograde from Henan back to Han to fight the epidemic and fight against the flood

  Veterans repair more than 200 anti-epidemic vehicles for free

  During the epidemic prevention and control period, more than 200 vehicles of anti-epidemic materials were repaired for free, and 600,000 yuan was invested to purchase more than 100 tons of vegetables for the citizens of Wuhan. Recently, Yang Dongxu, a Henan veteran who returned to the Han Dynasty to fight the epidemic, went back to flood prevention in Huangpi District. Levee.

  ■ Free "surgery" for anti-epidemic vehicles

  "It seems that the situation is urgent and the people of Wuhan need help." Yang Dongxu has been an automobile soldier for 12 years. After retiring, he opened an automobile trading company in Huangpi. On the eve of the Spring Festival, he saw the news on TV, and he was anxious.

  "We request to participate in the war and voluntarily assume the task of safeguarding 130 transport vehicles." On February 2, he learned that the "anti-epidemic capacity support team" was to be formed, and immediately applied to the relevant departments of the anti-epidemic headquarters for "participation". , And communicate with relevant departments of FAW Jiefang. After receiving the notice of approval, he and the company's 6 employees returning from Henan from Henan rushed to the assembly point in Jinkou Town, Jiangxia District to report.

  The parts are worn and the clutch pressure plate needs to be replaced... They have encountered a problem when they conducted a comprehensive "physical examination" on more than 140 large transport vehicles and prepared to perform "operations" on them.

  "The biggest difficulty in guaranteeing these vehicles is that there are no spare parts. At that time, all auto parts markets and repair shops in Wuhan were closed." Yang Dongxu said that the vehicles participating in the support were drawn from various units and were mainly responsible for the daily necessities of Wuhan citizens and the Leishen Mountain and Huoshen Mountain. Wait for the transportation of hospital protective materials. There are four or five models of these cars, and each car has different accessories. Sometimes in order to get one accessory, you have to run three or four places.

  There are more than 150 kilometers between the support team's station and Yang Dongxu's company. In order to rush to the task and get the vehicles into operation early, Yang Dongxu and his partners set off early every day, often working from 8 am to more than 10 pm. In addition to the free maintenance tasks of the support team's vehicles, they also voluntarily repaired more than 40 vehicles in other provinces supporting Wuhan. In more than two months, the maintenance footprints have covered more than ten cities and counties in Hubei, sometimes hundreds of kilometers a day.

  ■ Donated 100 tons of vegetables with 600,000 yuan

  When servicing large trucks, Yang Dongxu found that the citizens had a great demand for vegetables, so he wanted to contact some vegetables to be delivered to the citizens of Wuhan.

  On the morning of the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, Yang Dongxu went to a vegetable market near the company, looking for the phone number of the vegetable vendor on the front door. After searching for more than an hour, I finally got in touch with one of them. The other party sent him the phone number of a supplier in Shenqiu County, Henan, and the supplier agreed to buy vegetables locally. Yang Dongxu contacted Shenqiu's comrade Wang Guohui to coordinate the vegetable transportation vehicles. On February 24, three trucks carrying 30 tons of vegetables arrived in Wuhan.

  "The hardest thing on the street is the sanitation workers. They take risks to clean Wuhan." After coordinating with the Wuhan Municipal Management Committee, the three carts of vegetables were delivered to the sanitation workers in Jiangan and Qiaokou districts. In early March, Yang Dongxu contacted the Shenqiu County Government again and donated 110 tons of vegetables and 20 tons of salted duck eggs to 13 districts in Wuhan.

  During the epidemic prevention and control period, Yang Dongxu and company employees invested more than 600,000 yuan to purchase more than 200 tons of vegetables. The parking lot of his company has become a vegetable distribution center. Vegetables shipped from all over the country to Wuhan are classified into more than 4 kinds of dishes here, and company employees drive to the Leishenshan Hospital, the community and the nursing home.

  Dressed in gray and white camouflage and put on an orange life jacket, on July 13th, on the Xiashigang embankment in Huangpi District, Yang Dongxu picked up sandbags and began to participate in local flood control. Recently, his company set up a militia emergency support unit, which is equipped with rescue equipment such as life detectors, first aid kits, and emergency flashlights. "I worked in Wuhan for 12 years and started a business in Wuhan. This is my second hometown. When Wuhan needs it, we will all rush to it." Yang Dongxu said.

  (Changjiang Daily reporter Xu Jinbo correspondent Wang Qunming party state-owned)