Recorded movie of Seturo Tetsuro's half-life produced by A-bomb survivor in NY August 6:26

A documentary film depicting the half-life of Sirko Seturo, who has been bombed in Hiroshima and continues to talk about her experiences in the world based in Canada, has been produced.

The movie titled "Oath to Hiroshima with Setsuko Setsuro" is about the birth of Shiro who was bombed in Hiroshima at the age of 13 and the history of moving to Canada and aiming for the abolition of nuclear weapons in 2017. The state of the speech at the time when the Nuclear Weapons Convention was adopted is recorded.

The movie was made by a corporate consultant from Hiroshima, who lives in New York, Michi Takeuchi. In the movie, a scene that reconsiders himself as a second-bomb survivor after a chance encounter with Thurlow is also depicted.

“I have been doing anti-nuclear movements for many years, but I stopped by the movie and made me think about how I lived. I want to share my deep feelings with you,” said the circle of citizens aiming for the abolition of nuclear weapons through the movie. I expected to spread.

Mr. Takeuchi said, "I was impressed by the appearance of Mr. Thurro, who has been complaining for the rest of his life that the survival of the earth would be threatened if nuclear weapons were not lost."

The movie was scheduled to be shown at the Cleveland International Film Festival in the United States as an invitation work in May this year, but it was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and this time on the 6th of Hiroshima's Atomic Bomb Day It will be broadcast on TV.