Governor Yoshimura, Osaka Prefecture Adjusted due to requests such as closure of some restaurants in Minami July 31 14:28

Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture said that the infection with the new coronavirus is spreading mainly in downtown at night, and from 5th to 20th of next month to restaurants and others that serve alcohol in some areas of Minami , Revealed that it is making adjustments in the direction of requesting closures and shortening of business hours.

Governor Yoshimura told reporters on the 31st, "The new coronavirus infection spreads mainly to young people in their twenties and thirties in the downtown area at night, and it also spreads to the elderly. This is a common tendency nationwide." Said.

After that, he said, "There are many people with conspicuous Minami in Osaka," and will request restaurants and other companies that serve alcohol in some areas of Minami from the 5th to the 20th of next month to close their offices or shorten business hours. I made it clear that I am adjusting in the direction.

Specifically, we would like to request stores that do not take infection prevention measures to cooperate in closing work, and those stores that do not take infection prevention measures to shorten business hours.In the area, the north and south areas are between Nagahori-dori and Sennichimae-dori. , East and west are considering between Midosuji and Sakaisuji.

In addition, the government and Osaka City indicated that they would pay 10,000 yen per day to stores that responded to the request while taking measures.

Governor Yoshimura intends to formally determine the details of the request at the Prefectural Countermeasures Headquarters Meeting held on the evening of the 31st.

In addition, Governor Yoshimura requested a similar leave request at a downtown subcommittee that he attended online on the 31st, and requested the stores to respond to the request by the government as well. I made it clear.