Explosion accident at a restaurant A man working on "the smell of gas on the day before" Fukushima Koriyama 5:50 on August 1

One man died on the 30th and 19 people were injured in an explosion in a restaurant in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture.A man who was doing renovation work on the previous day said, "There was a smell of gas in the store." I understood what I was talking about by interviewing the people concerned. Police and fire departments are investigating the cause of the explosion, assuming that gas may have leaked from the day before.

Hiroshi Furukawa (50) from Sendai City, the site supervisor of the renovation work that was taking place at the restaurant "Shabu-shabu Onna Koriyama Shin Sakura Street" in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture on the 30th before 9 am Was killed and injured 19 people who were in the offices and homes of a nearby company.

Regarding the cause of the explosion, police and fire departments are investigating that it is highly likely that the gas ignited and exploded for some reason.

The day before the explosion, renovation work was being done from 8:30 am to 8 pm the day before the explosion, and there was work to attach an outlet to replace the stove using propane gas with an IH cooker, but the work was done. According to an interview with a person concerned, a man who was doing it said in the survey that he had a smell of gas in the store the day before.

Police and fire fighters suspected that gas had leaked into the store from the day before, and it may have been filled by the next morning, so on-site inspections were conducted on August 1 on suspicion of accidental fatalities and injuries, and the cause of the explosion was investigated. I am deciding.