Beijing Satellite TV's "Crossover Singer" Wei Ya is not afraid of "slightly dumb" voice questioning "popular singer" Li Zhiting surprise return

  Produced jointly by Beijing Radio and Television Station and Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Shounong Food Group's Sanyuan 72℃ Premium Fresh Milk is exclusively named, Baxi, Guchuan, Dahongmen, Wang Zhihe, Yunong, Liubiju, Yuesheng The fifth season of Beijing Satellite TV's large-scale music program "The King of Crossovers" supported by Zhai Strategy will continue to be broadcast this Saturday! In this episode of the program, Wei Ya, Li Yundi, Ling Xiaosu, Tang Yifei, and Li Xiaomeng will form a new "Challengers Alliance" to launch a strong impact on the singer Zheng Kai, Xiao Shenyang, Li Zhiting and Yu Yi. Challengers are coming fiercely, can they shake the throne as they wish? Can the singers be ready to defend the throne?

Wei Ya has no fear of questioning and regaining the original heart of music. Li Zhiting returns with surprise and threatens to "cross a new height"

  The most anticipated feature of the singer in this issue is the strong joining of Taobao's first anchor Wei Ya, and the surprise return of Li Zhiting with the "Best Popularity Award" in the previous season of "Crossover Singer". As we all know, Wei Ya is a veritable super popular e-commerce anchor, but few people know that Wei Ya has actually been a singer. In the program, Wei Ya not only sang the classic love song "Love Me Don't Go" with the international piano master Li Yundi breaking through the "Dimensional Wall", and deduce the lingering feelings of the song with a distinctive voice and an appropriate stage interaction; "Just Ordinary" confessed: "Born to be ordinary, we do what we like." Weiya, who loves music and never forgets her original intention, is brave enough to stand as a challenger without fear of other people's comments on her "slightly dumb" voice. On the stage of "Crossover Singer", can she successfully "out of the circle" and get everyone's recognition?

  This time, Li Zhiting, who has returned as the king of replacement singers, has shown his "all-round talent" in the last season of "The King of Crossovers". Whether it’s "Beijing, Beijing", which showcases its drum skills, "You Are Not Really Happy", which is self-playing and singing, and "You Are Not Really Happy", or the "Invincible" rap version of "Empty City" brought by "Mixed" with Wang Linkai. The audience shouted "Kneel at the mouth" and "I never tire of listening." What kind of brilliant performance will Li Zhiting bring to his return after painstaking precipitation and careful preparation? What kind of "alternative" interaction will occur when you meet an "old friend" on the spot?

"Mudslide in the Singing World" Ling Xiaosu was rated as the most "absurd" performance Li Yundi's surprise metamorphosis is suspected of "deliberately collapsed before"

  In this qualification game, Ling Xiaosu and Tang Yifei joined hands with Li Xiaomeng, who regretted falling to the throne in the previous period, and brought the classic old song "Love the Country and the Beauty More". However, in the performance, Ling Xiaosu actually snatched the lyrics of Li Xiaomeng, leaving Li Xiaomeng alone on the stage messy: "Who am I, where am I?" "Singing world mudslide" Ling Xiaosu's stage performance not only changed his wife Tang Yifei" Emoticons" make music critics dumbfounded-"the most absurd performance" and "I will never forget it in the past year or two." However, Ling Xiaosu's persistent and persistent attitude towards music won the respect of everyone on the scene, as he said: "Although he is a crow, he has the right to yearn for the voice of a magpie."

  Compared with the "sharp" evaluation of Ling Xiaosu, music critics affirmed Li Yundi's progress. From "Walk Out and Go", which was evaluated as "the whole passage", to "Love Me Don't Go" which "Can't Control Your Voice", to "Betrayal" which "interprets the two voices of Zhang Yu and Wu Bai" Li Yundi’s progress is obvious to all. Music critics also sincerely commented that "I saw Li Yundi's leap and jump on the stage of "The King of Crossover"," and even suspected that his previous performance was "deliberately crashing". International piano master Li Yundi, who has become more and more courageous during the war, which singer will he choose to challenge in this issue? Can you shake the throne and transform from "King of Qin" to "King of Songs"?

Xiao Shenyang affectionately interprets Xiti's "Singers are extremely high" Zheng Kai gets rid of the identity of "King of Melon" and is determined to conquer Ding Taisheng

  Xiao Shenyang, who has always won with high notes, boldly subverted this issue and chose the classic love song "Slowly Like You" which is extremely difficult to challenge. Little Shenyang not only asked Li Ronghao, the song’s composer and composer, for advice in advance: "Did Mr. Karen Mok finish singing in one breath?" He also called out on the spot: "This song is too'perverted'!" Xiao Shenyang, who abandoned his treble advantage, relied on The exquisite performance and precise emotional handling have won the affirmation of music critics, saying that his "singing quotient" is extremely high. Can he get the achievement of "Three consecutive thrones"?

  Zheng Kai, who has become the new "King of Melon", finally waited for the opportunity to come on stage this issue. In the show, "The Prince of Love Song" Zheng Kai affectionately interprets "Fool", not only the rhythm is easy to grasp, but also the body muscles are fully mobilized, so that the audience is fully integrated into the context of the song. Music critics even commented: "Today's performance can still be in the position of the king of singers." Can Zheng Kai's performance keep him on the throne? Zheng Kai, who wants to "conquer" Ding Taisheng, can he successfully "conquer" him?

  After this fierce "fight" and competition, how will the singer's lineup be reorganized? Crossover singers bravely break through themselves, how will they create more possibilities in music? Bravely cross, the king is born fearless! Forge ahead, life is more than that! During the prime time of this Saturday night, the fifth issue of "The King of Crossover Singer" of Beijing Satellite TV hits with a shock, so stay tuned!

  As the co-producer of the fifth season of "Crossover Singer", all the songs in "Crossover Singer" will be launched in the first time under Tencent Music Entertainment Group's QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and QuanminK Songs and other digital music platforms.