Okinawa war record movie produced by the Jodo Shinshu Honganji school open to the public at July 16 at 6:16

Next month, about 75 years after the end of the war, more than 200,000 people died, and in order to continue the battle with Okinawa, the Jodo Shin Buddhist Honganji group headquartered in Nishi Honganji in Kyoto collects the testimony of the experience Movies that have been released are being released at movie theaters around the country.

The "Documentary Okinawa Battle" produced by the Jodo Shinshu Honganji School is a 1-hour, 45-minute movie that tells the story of the Battle of Okinawa where more than 200,000 lives, including many inhabitants and soldiers from Japan and the United States, have been lost due to intense ground battle.

Although it was produced as a teaching material for sect peace learning, it will be screened at movie theaters nationwide this month due to a series of calls for public viewing at screenings in Naha.

In the movie, in the year before the Battle of Okinawa, the tragedy of the evacuated ship "Tsushima Maru" that was sunk with children, the so-called "group self-determination" that occurred on Tokashiki Island, and the battle of Kakazu Highlands that caused many victims Etc. are drawn along with 12 testimonies and stories of experts who know the time.

Takafumi Ota, who served as the director, said, “It is a content that conveys the history that occurred at that time by excluding political and religious colors, so many people got to know the stupidity of war and where the cause of tragedy was. I want you to use this as an opportunity to think about what is happening."

The movie "Documentary Okinawa Battle" is being screened at 22 movie theaters nationwide from 25th of this month.