Fukushima Koriyama explosion sound and report Damage to the building Fire Fight July 30 9:28

According to a fire department, before 9 o'clock on the 30th, there was a report that there was an explosion sound near 2-chome Island in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture. I confirmed on the site that the window glass of the building was broken.

According to a nearby bank, the window glass is broken at the restaurant. It is not known if there are any injuries.

An employee of a gas station at Koriyama City 1-chome, which seems to be near the site where the explosion sounded, said, ``There was a big explosion sound like an earthquake and a loud explosion sound around 9 am, and glass was scattered on the road etc. After that, the fire department came and told me, "Because the gas is leaking, please stay away."