Explosion accident at a restaurant Was gas filled after the night before the night? Fukushima Koriyama July 31 0:58

On the 30th, one person was killed and 19 people were injured.In an explosion accident at a restaurant in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, police said that the gas filled the store after the night before the accident and the explosion was a dead man I think that it is likely that it happened immediately after I entered the store for construction, and I am investigating the detailed situation.

30 minutes before 9:00 am, there was an explosion at a restaurant in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, "Shabu-shabu Onna Koriyama Shin Sakura Street Store", and Mr. Hiroshi Furukawa (50), the site manager of the shop renovation work, died, 19 men and women in their 20s and 80s were injured, including those who were in the office.

According to a conference held by a company related to the operation of this store, the person involved in the renovation work did not notice the abnormality when he left the site by 8 pm on the 29th, and Mr. Furukawa was on guard. According to company records etc., it means that you entered the store before 9:00 am on the 30th.

Also, the day before the explosion, there was work such as changing the gas stove in the chamber to an IH cooker in the store, but I do not know the management status of the gas mains or whether the gas detector has operated. about it.

Police said the store was filled with gas after the night before the explosion, and the explosion was likely to have occurred immediately after the deceased man entered the store for renovation work. We are investigating the cause of the leak and the detailed situation of the explosion.