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Ashley Judd's complaint against Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment was finally accepted by the American courts. Unsuccessful in first instance in 2018, the actress had appealed. A panel of three Californian judges ruled in his favor this week.

This is a big win for @AshleyJudd - and for so many others who have been sexually harassed by people in power. Film producers, directors, and others can no longer pretend that coercing sexual favors is anything but sexual harassment. #TIMESUP

- TIME'S UP (@TIMESUPNOW) July 30, 2020

“By virtue of her professional position and influence as a leading producer in Hollywood, Weinstein was uniquely positioned to exert coercive power or leverage over Judd, who was an early career young actress at the time when the reported harassment took place. Additionally, given Weinstein's great influence and "unmissable" presence in the film industry, the relationship was one that cannot be ended "without tangible difficulty" for Judd, whose life, as an actress, depends on the roles offered to her, ”the appellate judges ruled, as reported by the New York Times .

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Ashley Judd filed a complaint against Harvey Weinstein following revelations made by director Peter Jackson at the end of 2017. The latter had declared to have withdrawn the actress from the list of actresses to audition for The Lord of the Rings in 2001 following the words of Harvey Weinstein. The filmmaker claimed the producer portrayed the Double Jeopardy star to him as unprofessional.

Ashley Judd accuses Harvey Weinstein of sabotaging his career from refusing his advances in a meeting in a hotel room in the mid-1990s. California's sexual harassment law covers cases of " casting couch ”and the appeal judges ruled that the case presented by Ashley Judd falls into this category.

Harvey Weinstein, meanwhile, is currently serving a twenty-three-year prison sentence following his conviction for rape and sexual assault by a Manhattan court. Another trial, again for sex crimes, awaits him in California.


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