British rapper Wiley on the BRIT Awards 2017 red carpet - NIKLAS HALLE'N / AFP

"We strongly condemn anti-Semitism [and] are sorry we did not act quickly enough": after finding itself under fire from critics, Twitter has just closed the account of British rapper Wiley six days after his publication here of anti-Semitic messages.

Wiley, considered one of the pioneers of grime music, was initially banned from Twitter and Instagram for seven days after a series of comments, then deleted, which police launched an investigation.

"Too little, too late"

The social network apologized Wednesday for delaying action against "repeated violations of our hate content policy," a Twitter spokesperson said.

The anti-Semitism association The Campaign against antisemitism is delighted that Twitter has ended up taking action, while believing that the social network has done "too little, too late". "This is at least a start for this deeply irresponsible social network," added the association in a statement. In addition, British Home Secretary Priti Patel wrote to social media giants to ask why these messages remained visible for more than twelve hours before being withdrawn.

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