Twenty-five years after the murder of three Hachioji in Tokyo Was the handgun camouflaged after the incident?

It has been 25 years since three people were killed at a supermarket office in Hachioji, Tokyo. The Metropolitan Police Department believes that a Philippines-made pistol seized from gangsters 11 years ago was used in the case, but this gun was disguised as the surface of the gun was made to look like an American handgun I understood from the interview. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating that there is a person trying to hide the connection with the incident.

Hiromi Maeda (16) and Megumi Yabuki (17), high school students who worked part-time at the supermarket “Nampei” office in Hachioji, Tokyo on July 30, 1995, and Noriko Inagaki, an employee. Mr. (47) was shot and killed by a handgun.

It will be 25 years since the incident in 30 days, but the Filipino-made rotary pistol "Skyers Bingham" seized from gangsters in 2009, 11 years ago, is a "line mark" attached to a bullet when firing. Since the trace called ``is very similar to that of the bullet left at the scene, the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating it as being used in the case.

Furthermore, although this pistol seemed to be made by American firearm maker "Colt" from the outside, when it was scraped and analyzed at the Forensic Research Institute of the Metropolitan Police Department, it shows "Skyers Bingham" made in the Philippines It means that the engraving of the alphabet has been confirmed.

This pistol is said to have been obtained by a gangster after it was used in the case, and he said that he could not say about the acquisition route, but the Metropolitan Police Department tried to hide the relationship with the case while the pistol was being traded. I'm investigating that there is a person disguised.