British rapper Wiley (41), who previously posted anti-Semitic messages on social media, says he is not a racist in conversation with Sky News . He says he posted the comments after arguing with his Jewish manager and expresses his regret.

According to the rapper, he wrote the messages after an argument with his manager, who is Jewish. "I have generalized, I apologize for this. My comments should not have been addressed to all Jewish people. I am sorry that these messages were perceived as anti-Semitic."

Wiley claims not to be a racist. "It should have stayed between me and my manager." The manager in question, John Woolf, has now announced that he no longer wants to work with the rapper.

The rapper, who was knighted in 2018 for his contribution to the British music industry, also says he wants to renounce his award.

Rapper described Jews as 'snakes'

Wiley compared the Jewish community on Friday in a series of messages on Twitter to the Ku Klux Klan, describing Jews as "snakes".

After Wiley's Twitter account was taken off the air for a week, he switched to Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, to further discuss his ideas with his followers. He later wrote on his Facebook account: "Jews always look down on black people. Why do certain people of other races want to place themselves above the black community?"

Wiley's anti-Semitic remarks sparked a lot in Britain. The chief rabbi of the United Kingdom, Ephraim Mirvis, urged action in a personal letter to Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg on Monday. British Home Secretary Priti Pate also said the medium should "act faster."

His accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have since been made inactive.