He indirectly reported that Kim Hee-suk, a comedian who publicly shot and killed Kim Gura's broadcast attitude on SNS, was posted after a long ago.

Nam Hee-suk wrote on his Facebook page on the 29th, saying, “If you don't agree with your taste when a guest named Kim Gu speaks at'Radio Star', he is writing and sitting on his back. "Just trying to keep your character." Then he expressed an uncomfortable feeling, saying, "Sometimes, some young guests often come out and try to catch his eyes, not viewers." This article has been deleted.

In this article on Nam Hee-suk's social media, there was a quarrel among netizens. While there are opinions that sympathize with "That's right" and "It's cool," he also questioned Nam Hee-suk's attitude by saying, "Why do you say it yourself?

Nam Hee-suk, who has been actively communicating with netizens through the usual SNS, did not leave any additional posts on the SNS about this. However, Nam Hee-suk answered in comments to netizens who came to his social media and asked why, indirectly conveying his feelings in a short way.

When a netizen said, "I think Nam Hee-suk is a deep comedian, I've always been a fan, but this opinion is very disappointing." Nam Hee-suk said, "I'm sorry. Delivered.

When another netizen accused him of "I'm not ashamed of sniping his colleague openly like that," Nam Hee-suk apologized for "I'm sorry" and said "I have a story", making the background more curious.

Reporter Kang Sun-ae  

(SBS funE Reporter Kang Sun-ae)