People in Germany live in ever increasing space - despite the housing shortage in many cities. The Federal Statistical Office announced. Accordingly, at the end of last year, apartments in Germany had an average size of 91.9 square meters and offered residents 47 square meters per head.

The area per apartment has grown by one square meter since 2010 and two square meters per inhabitant, the agency said. People also had more space compared to the previous year 2018, at that time it was 46.7 square meters per head. One- and two-family houses were also included in the calculation.

Statisticians put the housing stock in Germany at 42.5 million units in residential and non-residential buildings. That was 0.7 percent or 277,400 apartments more than a year earlier. In the medium term, the portfolio has grown significantly: since 2010, it has increased by five percent or two million apartments. Since planning was generous, the area of ​​the housing stock grew by 6.2 percent to just under 3.9 billion square meters.

However, especially in metropolitan areas, large apartments are expensive given the high rents: Therefore, many tenants are satisfied with new contracts with less space, as a recent study by the Institute of German Business showed.