Nuclear Fuel Cycle Reprocessing Plant Today, “Passed the examination” 4:29, July 29

Regarding the facilities and reprocessing plants that are essential to the nuclear fuel cycle policy being promoted by the government, the Nuclear Regulation Authority is expected to officially compile an inspection document showing that accident countermeasures have passed the inspection of regulatory standards on the 29th. The focus will be on when full-scale operation of the plant that takes out plutonium after successful screening will begin.

The reprocessing plant in Aomori Prefecture is a core facility of the nuclear fuel cycle policy of the country that extracts and reuses plutonium from nuclear fuel that has been used up at nuclear power plants.

After receiving an application from Japan Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd., which is funded by an electric power company, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has continued to examine whether it complies with the regulatory standards created after the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Since May this year, we have been conducting public commentary and other procedures to solicit opinions from the general public.

Based on the opinions received at the meeting on 29th, the Regulatory Commission will assess whether the measures presented by Japan Nuclear Fuel are appropriate, and will formally compile an examination report showing that the examination has passed.

Japan Nuclear Fuel wants to enter into full-scale operation next year, but the procedures such as completion of countermeasure construction and local approval will remain, and the focus will be on full-scale operation in the future.