Freezing Point Feature No. 1190
  Changing girls means changing poverty

  The girls danced between classes in front of the school building. The photos in this edition are taken by Yin Haiyue, a trainee reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily.

Zhang Guimei urges students to eat as soon as possible

Zhang Guimei's home visit

Zhang Guimei

  The first teaching building of Huaping Girls' High School

  Zhang Guimei's deeds spread well this summer. As the founder of the country's first free girls' high school, she has sent 1,804 girls out of Dashan in 12 years.

  This summer, the director of the school's office received hundreds of calls every day, and the newly established education fund received a total of more than 2 million yuan in external funding. This relieved Zhang Guimei, who was worried about money.

  As the principal for 12 years, Zhang Guimei has been worrying about money. In order to create this high school, she went to the streets to raise funds, was spat on, and was bitten by dogs...From a lonely teaching building to a campus with several buildings, the school The construction took 8 years and the investment was nearly 60 million yuan. In 2019, Zhang Guimei was diagnosed with 17 diseases such as bone tumors and hemangioma. She ran for the school without funds and lost more than 30 kilograms a year.

  Now, the 63-year-old needs support to get up, and he can only walk slowly, and travel is carried by a teacher. For 12 years, she has almost no entertainment, no holidays, no life of her own.

96 girls

  In the past 12 years, Zhang Guimei's every day began with the early morning inspection of the teaching building. At 5:30, Zhang Guimei flashed a flashlight to brighten the corridors of the 5-story teaching building. In the early years, she had to drive away the snakes and various small animals that entered the school because there was no courtyard wall. The low-flying bats would Scratch the student's face. She stood on the second floor, holding a speaker, urging students to run into the classroom.

  She hopes that every minute of the clockwise rotation can reverse poverty.

  She remembered that when she was transferred to teach in the Central School of Huaping County, Yunnan, she witnessed the suffering caused by poverty for the first time: some students had no money to buy clothes, and they wore plastic sandals for one or two dollars in winter; some students could not afford a meal and grab a handful at night. Put rice in a thermos as the breakfast for the next day; and parents came to teach them, and put them together and sprinkled a handful on the table. The maximum amount is 50 yuan, and the total is less than 50 yuan. "I’m all there. Give it back to you."

  Zhang Guimei often took the students out of his own pocket to help them pay tuition, buy clothes and quilts. In April 1997, Zhang Guimei was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and a 2 kg tumor grew in the abdominal cavity.

  Zhang Guimei walked for 40 minutes from the hospital to the school in 10 minutes. In order to lead the graduating class, Zhang Guimei insisted on attending classes and sent the students into the examination room before being hospitalized. One day, Zhang Guimei suddenly couldn't breathe, and a teacher faced the wind and rain to find an oxygen bag for her. Some parents of students pick wild Ganoderma lucidum in the mountains, grind them into powder with a machine, mix them in rice and give them to her, and some students go to the mountains to pick wild walnuts for her.

  The women in the mountains donated 10 yuan, 5 yuan to treat her illness... the county head told her that no matter how poor our place is, your illness will be cured. "So I will stay here." Zhang Guimei said.

  In 2001, the Huaping County Children’s Home Welfare Institute was established. The donor appointed Zhang Guimei as the dean. Zhang Guimei, who had died of her husband and had no children, agreed. She discovered that behind every orphan there is a tragic mother, a mother who killed her husband for domestic violence, a mother who died in childbirth due to patriarchal habits, and a mother who ran away from home because of her husband’s relationship.

  This made Zhang Guimei realize that impoverished girls will become impoverished mothers, and impoverished mothers will raise impoverished next generations. "The vicious circle always exists."

  There were not many girls in the class. Zhang Guimei found that there were always girls who disappeared as she read. She went to look for them in the mountains and found that many girls were married when they were teenagers. Once, Zhang Guimei was on her home visit and saw a girl sitting on the ridge with her eyes looking away. She stepped forward and asked what the girl was thinking. The girl looked at her for a long time and cried and said that she wanted to read, but her mother asked her to Marry a bridegroom. Zhang Guimei was very angry and went to the girl's house to try to convince her family that she was responsible for the expenses, but failed. The look in the girl's eyes and the way she sits on the mountain have been engraved in Zhang Guimei's mind.

  Zhang Guimei wants to create a free girls' high school to provide educational opportunities for Dashan girls and block the intergenerational transmission of poverty. But in 2004, this idea was not understood by the local education department, "At what age will a women's high school be built?"

  The trickier thing is funding. A high school needs at least three laboratories, and the cheapest biological laboratory "is about five to six hundred thousand yuan." Everyone thinks Zhang Guimei is "too naive."

  But Zhang Guimei insisted on doing it, "I don't care if the money is too much or the less is." As early as 2002, she went around "alms". She printed out "a huge pile of certificates and publicity materials" and distributed them on the streets and bridges with many people, thinking that one person would donate a few yuan, and the school would be set up if they donated too much.

  However, it only raised more than 10,000 yuan in 5 years. Some people scolded her as a liar, and some spit at her.

  Zhang Guimei was elected to the Seventeenth Party Congress in 2007. At that time, there were only two representatives of the national party in Lijiang City, and Zhang Guimei was one of them. That year, Zhang Guimei went to Beijing-a reporter found her torn pants and published her idea of ​​creating a free girls' high school in the newspapers and attracted the attention of the government.

  With the support of 2 million yuan from the city and county governments, in April 2008, the country’s first free girls’ high school was invested and built. The environment is extremely simple: there is no canteen, toilets, fences and gates, only a 5-story teaching building, all over the ground Reinforced concrete.

  That year, Zhang Guimei led 17 teachers to scrub the classroom. They lifted the bed from the mountain to the classroom, put on new bedding, and pasted the name of the student, ushering in the first freshman: 96 girls.

Poverty is a kind of privacy

  These girls were recruited from the mountains by school teachers through advertisements on streets and vegetable markets and word of mouth.

  The students don’t need to prepare anything, just take dry food and clothes, get on the bus from Dashan to the county seat, and go to the girls’ high school to find their own desk. Zhou Yunli was one of the 96 lucky people that summer.

  When applying for the girls' high school, Zhou Yunli was suffering from no money to go to high school. My mother died young, and my father raised pigs, farmed the land, helped people weed, and supported a family of four. In Zhou Yunli's memory, some lame fathers always go out early in the morning, go up the mountain to work with a bowl of cold rice, and go home in the evening.

  As far as I can remember, Zhou Yunli and her sister went to the mountains to share the farm work for her father. The motivation for the sisters to study is very direct-to get rid of land and poverty.

  But when he was in high school, his father was worried. Both daughters are in high school and spend tens of thousands of yuan a year, which is unaffordable. Before graduating from the third year of junior high school, my father started to collect money for studying. At that time, my father was always sitting beside the dam and smoking non-stop in front of the pigpen.

  In the first two years of the establishment of the Girls' High School, almost all girls who came to study were due to poverty. Zhou Yunli realized later that she was lucky. In her village, many girls are married at the age of fifteen or sixteen. People in the mountains feel that it is better for girls to spend money on studying than to marry early.

  The female high school became the first turning point in the life of poor girls. At that time, many of the students in the first class did not reach the high school entrance examination scores, and they were too old. Some students had not obtained the junior high school diploma after 3 years of tutoring.

  The female high school accepts these girls, as long as they have agricultural hukou and want to study. The only five-story teaching building has become a place where all teachers and students eat, drink, and sleep. The students live in 3 classrooms on the third floor. Each classroom is accompanied by a female teacher. The remaining female and male teachers are divided into two large classrooms on the fourth floor. The male teachers took turns to watch the night on the wooden bed on the first floor. At night, the students had to go to the bathroom in the middle school next door, accompanied by a female teacher, and escorted by a male teacher with a flashlight.

  Soon after school started, Zhang Guimei encountered a bad thing. A girl went to the hospital for appendix surgery and was found to be 4 months pregnant. A wave of criticism hit the girl's parents and questioned the school. The girl told the truth, the child’s father was a boy from a high school opposite, and the two had a relationship during the vacation before school.

  Zhang Guimei learned a lesson. There is no wall in the school. Boys often come to play. Zhang Guimei stays in front of the school building. When he sees the waiting boy, he hurries off and cursed "little bastard".

  There are no sex education classes in the school. The sexual knowledge tutor asked if they needed support, and Zhang Guimei asked them to "get away", "The phone is already overdone. Should I still use teaching?"

  Later, iron fences were installed on the first floor of the teaching building. Zhang Guimei, who has always been stingy, did not feel distressed about safety management expenditures. She immediately asked her master to repair the dormitory door. When the college entrance examination season comes, Zhang Guimei will invite a few people to guard the teaching building day and night, so that students can see "there are people in front of the building" and feel relieved.

  In order to prevent comparison, Zhang Guimei stipulated that students must cut their hair short and wear school uniforms, and female teachers must not wear skirts and high heels at school.

  The first floor of the teaching building is plastered with the names of donors and the amount of donations. The businesses and individuals on the wall help support this free high school. Whenever someone came to the school to donate money, she asked the students to salute the donors collectively and sing "Don't Forget Your Original Heart". But she opposed the behavior of students being photographed holding donation cards. Some companies made such a request, but Zhang Guimei would rather pay for it and disagree.

  Some graduates went back to their alma mater to make donations, but they don't know which school girl they eventually gave to. Zhang Guimei hopes that this "back-to-back" approach will allow students to accept donations without pressure.

  In Zhang Guimei's view, poverty is a kind of privacy for girls. Externally, she calls her students "girls in the mountains".

Can take the test one by one

  Money is raised, but no points are raised.

  Zhang Guimei thought that as long as these girls were provided with opportunities, learning would be a matter of course. But she found that these students had poor foundation and almost failed the examination papers.

  There are more voices of doubt. Zhang Guimei went to a meeting in the county and heard people talking, "What should I do if the grades are so poor?" "If she is only given the opportunity to not study, then this opportunity is equivalent to not having her, which is equivalent to raising her for 3 years." Before it was over, she realized that this was a "serious problem", "High school has to talk about scores. If you don't talk about scores, the college entrance examination setting is useless."

  Seventeen teachers left nine. When she was frustrated, she was afraid of delaying the students, so she asked the county to report that she wanted to assign the students to other high schools, but she was criticized, "Don't let you do it."

  Later, she gave the teacher a task, how many one and two books a class had to pass. She hopes the school will graduate from Tsinghua and Peking University.

  A more direct way is to fight time. The late break time was extended from 9:30 to 10:30 in the evening, and finally to 12:20. Students wake up early from 6 o'clock to 5:30, with only 5 hours of sleep time. Every afternoon, students go back to the dormitory to wash for 15 minutes and wear slippers to the classroom so that they can rest in the dormitory at night.

  The school’s health was taken care of by the teacher in order to give students more study time at the school’s first establishment. At 6 in the morning, all the teachers have to get up to clean the campus. The construction site is covered with dust everywhere, and it is muddy when it rains. The teachers have to carry water in the ditch to wash the cement board.

  Every time when the holiday approached, Zhang Guimei discussed with the students and worked for two more days. The result was that the first class of students only took a few days off during the winter vacation. Someone gave Zhang Guimei the nicknames "Zhou Papi", "Devil", and "Cock Screaming in the middle of the night". Zhang Guimei stood at the door of the classroom every day. When students were sitting and sleeping, she woke them up. Later, when the students dozed off, they would stand and listen to the class.

  The meal time was compressed to 10 minutes. Zhang Guimei requested that the canteen food should not be too hot, the dishes should be fried, the pot should be buckled in time, and it should not be too cold. She calculated that 30 students can cook the meal in one minute, 159 students can finish the meal in 5 minutes, and the last student can have it. 5 minutes to eat. In order to increase the speed of expressing the bowl, Zhang Guimei did not allow students to speak during the meal.

  In order to save time, female high school students do not need to line up to see a doctor in the county hospital. Some doctors heard that it only took 10 minutes to eat, and they protested to Zhang Guimei that the students were under too much pressure. Others criticized her as having no children and didn’t know that she felt sorry for other people’s children. Zhang Guimei didn’t care. Just do it."

  In fact, there was a period of "democracy" in the school. Zhang Guimei used other key high schools to organize group discussions among students. She listened to her and found that there was everything to discuss, and she stopped immediately. At first, the students got up at 6:30 and rested at 9:30. As a result, the students became lazier and worse.

  Zhang Guimei hopes that students can develop good habits and do specific things in a limited time, "you will lose if you can't finish them." Some girls like to clean, get up at 4 in the morning to wash. Zhang Guimei stopped the water and only released it between 5:30 am and 6 pm, forcing the students to rest. Before going to bed, the students fill up the basin with water in advance to flush the toilet, and sometimes the underwear is accumulated until the weekend. There are only two or three hours off every weekend. There is no bathhouse in the school. Students have to go to the off-campus hotel to wash.

  None of the 17 teachers who had just entered the school had taught high school. Zhang Guimei took them to Lijiang to study. A teacher remembered that it was popular in the school to comment on classes, and there was a row of teachers at the back of the classroom, focusing on the shortcomings of the teacher. Wherever the writing on the blackboard is not in place, and where there is something wrong with the class, the teachers are often not convinced by each other, and they stand up on the spot, and a class is full of gunpowder.

  Zhang Guimei encourages such quarrels and opposes mutual support. During a class evaluation, she heard the teachers say good things in each other, so she lifted the stool and left, leaving more than 10 teachers aside.

  The school spent 180,000 yuan to buy test papers in various high schools to start the question sea tactics. The students finished the class in the first year and second year of high school, and finished the third year of high school. Some people say that this method of writing questions is unscientific. She said, "We don't care whether the subject is scientific or not, we can take the exam to a good school as one."

  In the first year, Zhang Guimei ran between the children’s home and the school, with more than 50 children in need of care on one side, and 96 girls eager to pass the exam. Life is forgotten".

Shit, this is my place

  On holidays, Zhang Guimei took bread and mineral water to visit her home in the mountains by car. In the past 12 years, Zhang Guimei's home visit was 120,000 kilometers long, and he had to travel by car for 10 hours at the farthest.

  During the first home visit of the students, Zhang Guimei walked away and cried. Some people can’t even buy clothes at home. They wear a thin coat in the cold winter. In addition to material poverty, people’s mental state is also bad. Men sit lazily with a big pipe, while women wear dirty clothes. Looking at people blankly.

  In some villages, a college student has never been there, and after a girl passed the girls' high school, the village began to have high school students.

  Every time she visits her home, Zhang Guimei tries her best to help solve the problem. She mobilized the teacher to buy the fruit that someone planted could not sell; she saw a very poor family, she left the coat she wore and the money she brought with her; there was a family with only two girls who were bullied and the land was Infringement, Zhang Guimei helped them file a lawsuit, "I won't do it if I suffer."

  There was a girl who only got 6 points in mathematics in the city's unified examination. Zhang Guimei went to visit the girl's home, hoping that the girl's parents would let her transfer to another school or study a vocational high school. When I got there, there was only a girl's board room left on the whole hill. The girl's father was disabled. The mother who worked alone and worked alone placed her wish to move away from the mountain on her daughter.

  After the home visit, Zhang Guimei gave the family a loan. She called the girl to her front, "The family is like this, what do you say we do?" Finally the girl was admitted to the university.

  Zhang Guimei will find ways to mediate the discord in the family relationship. There was a girl who had not talked to her father for four or five years and sang a chorus once. Zhang Guimei took her father out of the mountain and asked the girl to stand behind her father and sing "My Old Father". The father cried as she listened and the father-daughter relationship improved. A lot. For a girl who is not sensible, Zhang Guimei will directly make the girl kneel to her mother.

  Zhang Guimei is like a patriarch. The door above the second floor of the dormitory building is open for many years. Zhang Guimei comes in at any time to find out if the student has a mobile phone. He also reads the student's diary. Once, Zhang Guimei turned to a love letter written by a girl to a boy. She called the girl to her and told her to stop dating. The girl was very angry and said that it was illegal for her to read the diary.

  "Shit, this is my place." Zhang Guimei said.

  Last year, Zhang Guimei turned to a letter written to herself by a student. Upon reading the content, the girl was about to commit suicide. The letter said that the parents drink heavily all the year round and there is no point in living. Zhang Guimei was frightened. She went to visit the girl’s house and found that the girl’s parents were drunk and unconscious. After waiting for 3 hours, the parents became sober. Zhang Guimei read the letter to them and asked them to write a guarantee that they would never drink again. But the letter of guarantee was written, but this father didn't drink liquor and changed to beer.

  Zhang Guimei's eyes stared at the girls like eagles. She saw a student wearing a coat for 3 years to give her living expenses and let the class teacher take extra care. In order to save money to see a doctor for his brother, a student often skips dinner and sings in the classroom alone. Zhang Guimei felt very distressed when she found out. She told her to eat well to have the strength to study, and to change her family after taking the exam.

  At that time, Zhou Yunli liked to interact with a girl from a better family, and she would also go out to play during the Sunday break. After Zhang Guimei saw it, she called her to the office and said that she had no money or power at home and should devote more time to study. Zhou Yunli was not convinced, and Zhang Guimei was so angry that she hit her with the Nokia phone in her hand, and the curse could be heard all over the floor. The two class teachers came to persuade them, and Zhou Yunli's sister also came. Zhang Guimei saw that her sister felt sorry for her sister, "If I really beat her, my sister will definitely come up and beat me."

  It was years later that Zhou Yunli understood the principal's painstaking efforts. When she was a freshman, she went back to school to visit Zhang Guimei, holding the principal and joking, "You beat me again." After graduating from Yunnan Normal University, Zhou Yunli returned to Huaping Girls' High School and became a math teacher.

The girl here is very stamina

  The dedication of teachers and students of the school has been rewarded. In 2011, Huaping Girls' High School sent its first graduates to the society, 96 students and 69 were admitted to undergraduates, with a comprehensive online rate of 100%. This achievement allowed Huaping Girls' High School to stand firm in the county seat.

  After Zhou Yunli was admitted to college, her father always smiled and did everything he did. “I think it’s going to be in the next 4 years.” Her father asked her and her sister to carry baskets full of vegetables and chicken, and thanked Zhang Guimei in person.

  After embarking on the train to Kunming, Zhou Yunli knew the world outside the mountains for the first time, and also experienced the gap brought about by different growth environments.

  Classmates come from all over the country, Zhou Yunli found that they can sing and dance, but they have no talent to show off. When the roommate asked her what lotion to use for skin care, she still didn't know what lotion was. The father did not want his daughter to be left behind. He heard from his daughter that his classmates all have computers. He went to the county town and spent 4,000 yuan to buy a computer for his daughter.

  The gap is obvious. A graduate of Huaping Girls’ High School said that many students couldn’t help laughing when they had a crappy English accent in college oral classes. Others say that they have poor communication skills, are not proactive, and are not good at handling interpersonal relationships. After the first class of students graduated, Zhang Guimei kept receiving feedback like this. A graduate of Zhejiang University called and confided to her that she was not as good as others and she could not speak English clearly.

  Such feedback was unexpected by Zhang Guimei. Zhang Guimei realized that the school also needs to keep pace with the times. She began to let students dance ghost walks, wear yellow school uniform skirts, let the children in the children’s home eat hamburgers and pizza, and change their living habits to "Western-style", "to avoid it. People look down upon."

  After a girl was admitted to college, she confided to Zhang Guimei that she was small and dark compared to her classmates, she was not well dressed, and her speech was rustic. She was often marginalized. Seven roommates went to the bottom of the dormitory to carry water and she was not allowed. Drink, and often leave her alone to sweep the floor, but she has never cried. Zhang Guimei praised her for being good, and said to her, "If you bully me, just beat me back, don't look at your small growth, don't be afraid."

  Some students admitted to Beijing told her that their classmates were from the High School Attached to the People's University and Hengshui Middle School. Zhang Guimei encouraged the students not to be afraid of competition and head on. She believes that the students who graduated from Huaping Women's High School have "very stamina" and will not be easily defeated.

  The girls inevitably looked at the past. A 2011 graduate said that she was full of frustration for a while. After going to college, she found out that her classmates traveled abroad during the high school stage, and it was logical that her high school life was filled with boring study life. Do your best just to get rid of the farmer status. Feelings of injustice will come up at certain moments, but she also sees the value of struggle because of this-she can stand with outstanding classmates through the college entrance examination, which is worthy of joy in itself.

  Zhang Guimei posted a few words on the outer wall of the teaching building: strong, kind and simple. She often encourages students, even if they fail the exam, don't be afraid of failure, "the sky won't fall." But there are graduates who come back to see her after getting married, take children, and do not have a job, Zhang Guimei will be worried.

  Zhang Guimei hopes that the girls will go out of the mountains and never come back or go back to their alma mater. Graduates who were doctors wanted to donate their salaries, but Zhang Guimei did not accept them. She did not want to take the students' money. If the future strength permits, she hopes that students can donate money to the poor who have no money to treat diseases, and neither her alma mater nor she herself need to repay.

  Zhang Guimei often said that girls' high school is to cultivate talents for the society, and that a person struggles not for himself and his parents, but for the country and the nation. If you see someone falling into the water, Zhang Guimei feels that regardless of whether she is confident and capable of saving people, she should reach out.

  She knows what it feels like to be pulled. Before coming to teach in Huaping County, she worked as a teacher at Zhongdian Zidi School, where she met and married her husband and spent a peaceful time.

  In 1995, in order to treat her husband who was suffering from cancer, Zhang Guimei spent all her savings. In the end, she had no money to erect a monument to her husband, and she couldn't borrow money. She crashed on the main road in search of death, and was scolded by the driver. At that moment, Zhang Guimei realized, "When people need help, as long as someone gives it to me, I am really grateful."

I'm angry

  After 12 years of running the school, students continue to flock here in order to gain study opportunities. A girl was standing outside the school with a bag on her back, begging to come here to study, but refused to leave for a long time. Zhang Guimei met such a girl every year. There are also people from other cities who come to study, but the school can't accept it, so she gave 5,000 yuan and asked the other party to ask her if there was no money.

  When Zhang Li (pseudonym) was in junior high school, her parents divorced and she was sentenced to her father. But her father has been drinking heavily and often scolded her. She lives alone in a 120 yuan rented house in the town, and the room fee is paid by the remarried mother.

  After graduating from junior high school, she thought about going to work during the summer vacation, so that she could go to school with more money at home. But her mother refused to let her read, saying that the family could not afford it. She cried every day, and her high school entrance examination results did not reach the female high score mark, and her last chance was also lost.

  She was unwilling to drop out of school. Last summer, she was bold enough to bring her poverty certificate, the only child certificate, and the parents' divorce certificate to the gate of the female high school. She applied for a study opportunity, and the office teacher accepted her materials. Unexpectedly, a few days later, her mother received a call from the female high school and her daughter was admitted by the female high school. The mother said the child had gone "shit luck".

  The school not only gave Zhang Li a high school admission ticket, but also paid for her living expenses and relieved her of financial worries.

  However, there are fewer and fewer people like Zhang Li who cannot afford the tuition fees. In 2019, the online rate of Huaping Girls' High School One was 40.67%, ranking first in Lijiang City. This year, the school results are still gratifying. 159 people participated in the college entrance examination, 70 people above the first line and 150 people above the undergraduate line.

  However, Zhang Guimei was not satisfied with the college entrance examination results of 9 people who did not take the undergraduate course this year. She felt that this year, affected by the epidemic, the children in the mountains and the children in the cities have further widened the gap.

  Online classes are very inconvenient in the mountains. When the wind blows, the signal is gone. She asked teachers to contact village committees at all levels, asked students who do not have internet access to attend classes at the village committee, and bought mobile phones for students who do not have mobile phones.

  Zhang Guimei's wish for some students to be admitted to Tsinghua and Peking University failed to come true.

  What the school lacks most is still funding. The teachers' salaries in Huaping Women's High School are borne by the county finances, and the salary level is low. Xu Guohua, secretary of the Party Committee of the Huaping County Education Bureau, told reporters that the Huaping Girls’ High School was originally designed to run a school with 18 classes and 900 people, but due to limited funds, it could only enroll 100 to 160 people each year.

  In addition to teachers' salaries, all school expenses for water and electricity and students are borne by the school. Whenever 1 million yuan is left in the account, Zhang Guimei enters a new round of worries, and she will continue to run for the money.

  Fame can bring money to the school. Zhang Guimei therefore cares about being famous every time. The first time the nation was focused on it was in 2008. The day after the news network reported her, she was about to get up and go to the Great Hall of the People to make a report. The Wenchuan earthquake came. The second time, the media advertised her, and the Ludian earthquake had not yet aired.

  This time, we caught up with the epidemic. She thought there was no news again, but she suddenly became angry.

  Donations from all walks of life saved Zhang Guimei from worrying about money temporarily. But the price is countless daily media interviews and greeting calls from strangers. Some people ask her to teach ethics to cadres, and some newspapers ask her to write a few words to outstanding teachers across the country. Before, there was no money to see a doctor. Now, every organ in her body is paid attention to by doctors. Some people prescribe Chinese medicine for her, and some people ask her for consultation.

  She is polite to every visitor. Before the arrival of many media, she went to the hospital for an injection to avoid falling down. This year's Spring Festival, she sat on a chair to accept a video interview, and she was escorted by the county magistrate and a doctor behind her.

  This powerful principal gradually realized that he could do more and more limited. For the future of this school, she expressed optimism most of the time. She felt that the school became famous and the government would take care of it even if she was gone.

  In the past, she who had a cleanliness addict did not like others to touch her hands. Now, her body is getting weaker and weaker, and she has to rely on others for support. Half a lifetime teaching and educating people, every time she sees an empty campus during winter and summer vacations, she can finally stop for a while and think about her own affairs and what to do in the future, but she can't find anyone to talk to.

  The fragile moment was short, and soon, she faced every visitor with a talkative and capable image. She said that as long as she can move, the female high school will not fall.

  China Youth Daily, China Youth Online Trainee Reporter Yin Haiyue Source: China Youth Daily