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A group of artists have come together to collectively call on all politicians to stop using their music without permission. Under the banner of The Artists Rights Alliance , heavyweights in the music industry have voiced their grievances. We find in particular the Rolling Stones, Sia, Lorde, Sheryl Crow, Aerosmith, Alanis Morissette, Fall Out Boy or even Lionel Richie.

The scene in WV before Trump's rally. Aerosmith's “Livin 'on the edge” playing.

- Jim Acosta (@Acosta) August 21, 2018

"It is important to establish clear measures so that political campaigns seek the authorization of artists and composers before using their music in a political context", we can read in their open letter, shared by ET Online.

Unnecessary controversies

The artists specify that this is not a partisan subject and they deny targeting a particular candidate (even if Donald Trump has, in recent months and years, been the subject of several complaints from artists such as that Neil Young, Rihanna, Aerosmith, Queen, the Village People, or even the heirs of Prince), and that it is above all “not to compromise the personal values ​​of an artist by disappointing and alienating fans , when the moral and economic cost is so important ”.

"The unnecessary controversies created when music is used without permission inevitably draw even the most apolitical artists out of their reserve and force them to explain why they disagree with the candidates who use their music," they even go on to say. until declaring, a barely masked threat.

The open letter ends by asking for a response to resolve this problem before August 10.


Neil Young complains (again) about Trump using his music

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