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Taylor Swift took the music industry by surprise with the release of her new album, Folklore , in a totally unexpected way. To accompany this release with a clip, the singer chose the song Cardigan and, as usual, she hid various secrets that her fans were quick to find, compiled by Popsugar.

One of the more obvious references is that of number 13, which Taylor Swift fans know is an important number for the popstar. However, in the clip, we can see the hands of a clock displaying "1" and "3".

Discreet about her private life, Taylor Swift often evokes it half-heartedly in her songs. Like the use of "Favorite," a subtle reference to The Favorite , movie starring her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

We also find, with the golden threads, a reference to his old songs Daylight , and Dress . Gold is a recurring theme at Taylor Swift.

Family portrait

But that's not all ! Taylor Swift also refers to her family, including hanging the portrait of her grandfather at the beginning of the video. Later, we also find the musician playing the piano at the edge of a waterfall, a reference to her clip Me! , released on his latest album.

There are undoubtedly even more secrets hidden in this video… Will you discover them?


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