Female college student in Golmud lost contact for 19 days, police went to Hoh Xil for search and rescue

  Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Jingshu and intern Bo Qiyu) As of July 26, Huang Yumeng, a fourth-year girl from a certain university in Nanjing who traveled alone in Golmud, Qinghai, had lost contact with her family for 19 days. On the evening of the 26th, the Golmud police reported that Huang Yumeng passed the Naijigou checkpoint in Tibet on the 13th, and there has been no update since then. Since July 10, the Golmud police have contacted the police in Sichuan, Tibet, Nanjing and other places to jointly carry out the search.

  At present, the Golmud police organized rescue forces to carry rescue equipment and searched along the line of Bufeng Spring and Kekexili Sonandaje Protection Station.

  The senior girl traveled to Qinghai alone, lost contact since July 8

  On the evening of July 26, the Qinghai Golmud police reported that after investigation, Huang Yumeng arrived in Golmud at 4 o'clock on July 7. At 8 o'clock on the same day, Huang Yumeng took a taxi from the Yellow River Hotel in Golmud towards G109 National Road, and arrived at the Kekexili Sonan Dajie Protection Station at 12 o'clock. The taxi driver returned alone and Huang Yumeng lost contact with his mobile phone.

  At 9:45 on July 10, the Golmud police determined the exact location of the latitude and longitude of Huang Yumeng’s loss of contact, which was the southwestern area of ​​Qingshui River in the Sonang Dajie Protection Station.

  At 17:50 on July 13, the Golmud police discovered that Huang Yumeng passed the Naijigou checkpoint in Tibet at 17:07 that day. However, as there is no video surveillance at the Naijigou checkpoint in Tibet, it is impossible to determine the information of himself and the vehicle he was travelling in.

  In the next two days, the police carried out an all-out effort to search for information on people and vehicles passing through the Naijigou checkpoint during the aforementioned period.

  The Golmud police stated that since July 10, they have contacted police in Sichuan, Tibet, Nanjing and other places to jointly carry out the search. At 1 o'clock on the 26th, the Golmud police organized rescue forces to carry rescue equipment and searched along the line of Bhushan Spring and Kekexili Sonan Dajie Protection Station.

  In the afternoon of 26, the blue sky rescue team mobile captain Cai, who participated in the search and rescue, told the Beijing News reporter that the search is still in progress.

 Before departure, the suspicion was depressed, and the locals said that traveling alone is risky

  Earlier, Huang Yumeng’s friend said in an interview that Huang Yumeng was supposed to graduate this year, but due to many reasons he did not even do his graduation thesis defense. Therefore, he was under a lot of pressure. “Graduation was delayed and I was in a bad mood, so I went out alone. Relax." The Nanjing police confirmed this statement. The Jiangning Public Security Bureau reported that Huang Yumeng was suspected of being depressed due to graduation problems. He did not communicate with the school and left the school by himself.

  Many people expressed concern about Huang Yumeng's loss of contact. Even as a native of Qinghai, Liu Meng, who also loves to travel, introduced that she has never been to many places in Qinghai.

  After seeing Huang Yumeng’s action trajectory before the 13th, Liu Meng told the Beijing News reporter that it was a place where many locals did not dare to go alone. "High altitude, difficult roads, and sparsely populated people. It is too risky for a girl to travel alone. Up."

  Qinghai tourist driver Ma Yong often takes people along the Shaanxi-Gansu Great Ring Road and is very familiar with Yushu Qumalai County and Golmud. According to his experience with tourists in the past, many people will have some symptoms of discomfort when they first come to the plateau. "If you are not in good health, coupled with altitude sickness, things are easy to happen."

  Ma Yong strongly does not recommend that girls go to Qinghai alone. Even if they are renting a car, they must ask the driver's personal information and license plate number in advance, and take pictures of this information and send it to their families. "Don't try it in no man's land, let alone a little girl, even the locals dare not go alone."

 Nanjing police went to Qinghai to investigate and responded to the question of "not filing the case"

  Huang Yumeng’s friends once told the Qinghai media that Huang Yumeng’s school reported to the Nanjing police the next day after discovering that she had lost contact, but the case has not been filed. Some people questioned that the police had delayed the search and rescue of Huang Yumeng.

  In this regard, the Jiangning Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau issued a report on the 26th, stating that the police did not find any criminal facts during the preliminary investigation after the police reported to the police on the night of the 8th. Meets the requirements for filing a criminal case, so Huang Yumeng is listed as a missing person for investigation.

  The report also stated that the police from the Jiangning Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau went to Golmud with the staff of Huang Yumeng’s school on the 11th to find relevant information about Huang Yumeng.

  Since it was confirmed that Huang Yumeng's trajectory from Nanjing to Qinghai was clear and clear, the specific itinerary in Qinghai before the 13th was corroborated by relevant evidence and personnel. Huang Yumeng's family has already called the police locally in Qinghai.