Jaewoo Kim and Yuri Cho revealed their daily life beyond SNS.

SNS star couple Kim Jae-woo and Cho Yu-ri revealed their marriage in SBS'Dong Sang Im-Mong Season 2-You Are My Destiny' (hereinafter referred to as'Dong Sang Im-Mong 2').

In this broadcast, Jaewoo Kim and Yuri Cho introduced each other. "My wife is a very wise person, and for me, she is a teacher, mentor, strongest villain, sometimes a daughter and girlfriend, a complex being," said Kim Jae-woo. Cho Yuri also introduced to Kim Jae-woo, "To me, the groom is a fifth grader in elementary school. I know, but I don't listen. He is the best friend and the most beloved. A brave man."

Regarding the first meeting, Kim Jae-woo said, "I went to South Africa to cheer for the 2010 World Cup. In the summer of South Korea, South Africa is a cold winter with an ice. My wife took out a pink shawl and wrapped it around her neck. "I fell out."

Cho Yuri confessed, "It was so cold that I wrapped my long legs, and I never thought I would have seen it." "Maybe I fell in love even if my wife wore a shit dog passing by at that time. It was an inevitable point of falling in love."

Following the introduction, the couple shared their actual daily life outside of SNS. Cho Yuri, who was preparing breakfast with Jaewoo Kim, said, "Spicy, mild, slightly spicy. What is good?" "Oddly, I don't seem to get tired of eating curry," said Cho Yuri.

Kim Sook-eun, who watched, asked Kim Jae-woo, "The most famous curry series on social media. There are stories that my wife has done so much and ate more than 2,000 bowls in 8 years of marriage." Kim Jae-woo said, "It was so good to ask other women what kind of food I like, not my mother. I foolishly replied it was curry, and from that time on, I started eating only curry." "I can smell the curry even when I turn the vacuum cleaner. It is soaked," Kim Jae-woo added.

Also, Jaewoo Kim threw a joke about Cho Yuri's failure to shop on the Internet. Kim Jae-woo wore a dress of Jo Yuri and joked, "I remember this clothes. You bought it from a British site, but it came from Nanjing. The fabrics are different, the stitches are different.

"Your photo was really pretty. I thought it would be sexy when I wore it. It looked like a nice cool city girl," said Jo Yuri. Kim Jae-woo said, "I'll see you on my Instagram sooner or later."

(SBS funE Jisoo Kim Editor)