Actor Hwang Seok-jung, who challenged'Muscle Queen', failed to win the prize, but gave an overwhelming impression.

Hwang Seok-jung participated in the fitness contest'YESKIN SPOFIT GRANDPRIX' (hereinafter YESKIN SPOFIT) hosted by Sports Channel SPOTV (Sport TV) held at the textile center event hall in Daechi-dong, Seoul on the 26th.

Most attention was focused on actor Hwang Seok-jung, who challenged Muscle Queen at the age of 50. Hwang Seok-jung, who appeared with the cheers of many spectators, took the stage in a confident way as an actor with a long career. Actors Choi Eun-joo and Yang Chi-seung, who Hwang Seok-jeong thanked several times, as well as Hong Seok-cheon and forty-five Kim Ji-ho cheered on the scene.

Hwang Seok-jung, who participated in the bikini novice and fit model events, said, "I started exercising because my body was so painful, and the sporting competition that allowed me to see my body straight."

Hwang Seok-jung, who has received much media attention, said that he wanted to give hope to people in difficult situations by participating in the competition. In a field interview, Hwang Seok-jeong personally proved that the challenging posture is beautiful by saying, "I want everyone to make their own instruments and come out to the sports event so that everyone who is ill and hard can shake it off."

[Photo Credit=SPOTV]

(SBS funE Reporter Sun-ae Kang)