China News Service, Changsha, July 26 (Xiao Ling and Li Zhaofei) After 7 consecutive days of trial, Wan Cao, Huang Yunsheng and other 27 people organized, led, and participated in a triad organization case were publicly pronounced at Changsha Intermediate People's Court on the 25th. The case involved 25 crimes and 90 illegal and criminal facts. It was a major criminal case under the supervision of the Hunan Provincial Anti-gang Office, the Provincial Higher People's Court, the Provincial People's Procuratorate, and the Provincial Public Security Department.

  The court found out after trial that the defendants, Wan Cao, Huang Yunsheng, etc., formed a triad organization "Kang Group" in Changde for illegal gains, and used violence, threats or other means to organize deliberate injuries, gatherings to fight, and extortion. , Provoking trouble, illegal detention, illegal buying and selling of firearms, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, harbouring, sheltering and other illegal and criminal acts, which are non-evil and dominate the party, causing serious consequences such as 4 serious injuries, 16 minor injuries, and 2 severe disabilities .

Sentencing the scene. Photo courtesy of Changsha Intermediate Court

  The underworld organization also used the shelter and connivance of individual national staff in Changde, Hunan and Bazhou (Bayingoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture) of Xinjiang (a separate case dealt with), and organized forced transactions, fraudulent loans, illegal mining, gambling, and bid-rigging. , Illegal and criminal activities such as false reporting of registered capital have illegally controlled and monopolized industries such as sand and gravel, mineral mining, and engineering construction in a certain area, grabbing huge economic benefits, and seriously disrupting the local economic order and social life order. Wan Cao and Huang Yunsheng are the organizers, leaders and chief elements of the underworld organization and criminal group, and Chen Zhanhui, Hu Changlin, Hu Zhongqi, Peng Zhen and others are active participants or general participants. Wan Cao also committed the crime of intentional homicide with others.

  The court found that the defendant had committed crimes of organizing and leading a triad organization, intentional homicide, intentional injury, assault and other crimes, combined punishment for several crimes, and decided to execute the death sentence with a two-year postponement and deprivation of political rights for life. Confiscated all personal property; defendant Huang Yunsheng committed the crime of organizing and leading a triad organization, intentional injury and other crimes, and was punished for several crimes, decided to execute life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated all personal property; defendant Hu Changlin The crime of participating in a triad organization, intentional injury, etc., combined punishment for several crimes, decided to execute the death sentence, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated all personal property; other members of the triad organization were sentenced to two years in prison. Fixed-term imprisonment ranging from up to 19 years, and confiscation of personal property or fines; property used in illegal crimes, shall be confiscated in accordance with the law; all the defendants’ illegal income shall be recovered. (Finish)