MBC's'Nahon Assetda' side explained to some netizens that the costume worn by singer Hwasa (25) reminds them of a certain traditional costume.

Recently, the crew of'Nahon Assetda', the position of Park Na-rae, Han Hye-jin, and Hwa-sa, etc. on the 15th, said that Eun-pa, a woman living alone, lived on YouTube, and questioned whether the costume worn by the speaker was wearing Nigerian traditional clothing. Said.

The production staff recently announced in the video comment column, "I want to make sure that this clothes comes from the Korean sauna look often worn by the speakers in our program," and "We had no intention of humorously showing traditional national costumes." .

"Some people know that the clothes worn by the speakers were influenced by the Nigerian traditional costumes," he said. "Because our show is a comic genre, some were concerned that the traditional costumes would look ridiculous and lead to racism." "But we want to make sure that we have no intention of associating the outfit of a speaker with a particular culture," he said.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)