In response to the “paraplegic divorce case of a woman who jumped from a building due to domestic violence”, on the evening of July 24, the subject, Ms. Liu, told The Paper ( that the court informed her to go to the detention center next Monday and make a divorce after she identifies the suspect. The verdict.

  On the evening of the same day, the People's Court of Zhecheng County, Shangqiu, Henan, notified the case of “woman who could not bear her husband’s domestic violence by jumping from a building with paraplegia”. The report stated that the perpetrator Dou was arrested on suspicion of deliberate injury and is now detained in the Zhecheng County Detention Center; the beaten woman Ms. Liu sued Dou in the divorce case, and an elective sentence will be announced.

  The notice stated that on June 5, Ms. Liu filed a case online and sued for divorce from Dou. On July 14, the People's Court of Zhecheng County opened a court session to hear the case. According to Article 32 of China’s "Marriage Law", “People’s courts shall conduct mediation when trying divorce cases; if the relationship has broken down, the mediation shall be invalid, and the divorce shall be granted.” Due to the large differences of opinion on double-distribution adjustment, the court no longer conducts mediation. Judgement will be selected.

  On the morning of July 24, Ms. Liu also said that the local court has contacted her to resubmit the injury identification report and the video surveillance video of the intentional injury by Dou XX, and will make a divorce judgment as soon as possible.

  The Paper previously reported that in response to the woman’s failure to get a divorce by jumping off the building for a year, the Zhecheng County People’s Court responded that Ms. Liu did not immediately file a lawsuit with the court after she suffered domestic violence; and in accordance with the divorce procedure, Both parties need to go through the process of pre-litigation mediation. At present, the pre-litigation mediation has ended and the case is under trial.