Individuals rent, lend and sell bank cards with payment codes

  Our reporter Chen Guojing

  Individuals renting out, lending out or selling collection codes, bank cards may involve criminal offences.

  A few days ago, the China Payment and Settlement Association summarized the six types of typical gambling cases in the financial sector from the typical cases involving gambling published by the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the case of the People’s Bank of the People’s Bank of China on publicizing information on administrative punishments, and the association’s report investigation cases. One is that individuals renting, lending and selling bank accounts and payment accounts are used to collect money for gambling websites; the second is that individuals transfer funds overseas to participate in gambling through underground banks; the third is that criminal groups resell bank cards and accounts to overseas gambling sites; the fourth is illegal The "Sifang Platform" provides financial services for gambling websites; fifth, banks and payment institutions directly or indirectly provide payment services for gambling websites; sixth, criminals move POS machines overseas to cash in casinos.

  For example, the police in Shunping, Baoding, Hebei, recently destroyed a new type of criminal gang that used the "run sub-platform" to commit crimes, with a total of 3 billion yuan involved.

  According to a case published by the China Payment and Clearing Association, in March of this year, Li saw the "30 yuan a day" loan WeChat payment code information, and was lured by the benefits of part-time online job earning commissions, and uploaded himself on the "run points platform" as required After that, the “Panfen Platform” will provide Xiao Li’s payment QR code to the gambling website for use. In the end, the "running sub-platform" was seized by the public security organs, and Li was taken criminal compulsory measures because he was an accomplice of fraud.

  The so-called "running sub-platforms" mostly disguised themselves as "online part-time jobs", using ordinary accounts to diversify large amounts of funds and "transport" them in batches to "launder" cross-border gambling and other gambling funds and telecom fraud funds. Individuals participating in the "run points" project are essentially renting out or lending out accounts, and there are risks such as loss of funds, leakage of personal information and even suspected of helping crime.

  This year, the Central Bank convened a working meeting on cracking down on cross-border gambling capital chains and clearly stated that it will make every effort to promote the crackdown on cross-border gambling financial supervision, resolutely cut off cross-border gambling capital chains, and increase penalties for gambling accounts and activities involving gambling funds. The central bank reminded consumers to pay attention to some illegal online platforms that induce renting and lending of personal collection codes, in disguised form as a trap to provide collection services for gambling and other Internet illicit products.

  Not only receiving QR codes, but also buying and selling personal bank cards will also be held criminally responsible. In July 2016, a man asked for a bank card at the entrance of a middle school. Hong sold 7 bank cards to him, making an illegal profit of 3,500 yuan. Later, the man was held criminally responsible for using the bank card to collect and transfer gambling funds. Hong was also sentenced to 1 year and 9 months in prison for selling bank cards to criminals and fined 10,000 yuan.

  According to the “Notice of the People’s Bank of China on Further Strengthening the Management of Payment and Settlement and Preventing New Types of Illegal Crimes in Telecommunications Networks”, bank accounts (including bank cards) that have been leased, lent, sold, or purchased ) Or payment account units and individuals and related organizers, units and individuals that pretend to be others or fictitious agency relationships to open bank accounts or payment accounts, suspend their bank account non-counter business and payment account business within 5 years, and shall not Open a new account for it.

  In addition, individuals who transfer funds overseas to participate in gambling through underground banks will not only be fined, but will also be included in the credit investigation system, leaving credit stains. According to the "Personal Foreign Exchange Management Measures" and the "Foreign Exchange Management Regulations", domestic individuals engaged in foreign exchange transactions should be handled by domestic financial institutions that have obtained corresponding business qualifications in accordance with the law. If the amount of foreign exchange is relatively large, the foreign exchange management agency shall give a warning, confiscate illegal income, and fine; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

  China UnionPay security experts reminded that consumers should resolutely resist illegal platform activities such as gambling and "scoring", consciously abide by national laws and regulations, and be responsible for their own property safety.