China Weather News predicts that the high temperature in Beijing will continue to be online today (July 25), with a maximum temperature of 35°C. There will be thunderstorms in Beijing from today to tomorrow, precipitation will mainly appear in the west and north, and the maximum temperature will drop slightly.

  Yesterday, Beijing was full of "firepower". The highest temperature in the southern suburbs observatory was 37.2℃, and the local temperature exceeded 40℃.

  Today, Beijing is still hot, and the high temperature warning is in effect. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that it will turn from sunny to cloudy during the day, with winds from north to south at second and third levels, and the highest temperature is 35°C.

  There will be thunderstorms from today to tomorrow. Precipitation mainly occurs in the western, northern and mountainous areas. The maximum temperature will drop slightly tomorrow to about 32°C.

  Meteorological experts reminded that there will be hot weather today, the public should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, reduce travel around noon, and pay attention to sun protection and hydration. There will be a thunderstorm tomorrow. Please be cautious when traveling to the mountainous area, and pay attention to the upcoming weather forecast in time to obtain the latest and most accurate forecast and warning information, and bring rain gear with you.