When Real Madrid win a championship, you feel that there is something abnormal in football, because it is the "royal" club in the world, which has great popularity, and is loved by many fans.

- Cristiano Ronaldo has exhausted us, and we are writing everything new about him, and he is still presenting his credentials in the round world.

When the Real won the Spanish League, all the newspapers of the world sang about this achievement ... Thanks to the club president, Florentino Perez, who brought Zinedine Zidane and the team back to the global front during the past years, after the team was dilapidated, as "Zizo" saved the team and returned it to platforms Coronation.

The riyal .. After returning from «Corona», the team fought 11 games, achieved 10 victories, against a single draw, and scored 21 goals, and six games with clean nets, and from here you know that Zidane made the latest big shift in the team, despite the “pandemic”.

Many names gave Real the titles and championships, the last of which was Zidane Al-Shamekh with 11 championships. From this standpoint, you know that "Zizou" is the best in the history of Real Madrid.

The word congratulations is not enough for «madridista», because the team is still continuing to harvest and harvest the fruits, especially after Zidane’s return, so the numbers are great for the great coach Zidane, but in the end we say congratulations to the fans of this great club, which still controls the titles .. the names change but the real remains Madrid is steadfast in its place, whether at the Spanish or European level.

Cristiano Ronaldo has exhausted us, and we are writing everything new about him, and he is still presenting his credentials in the world of the round, so his goal is to break the numbers and reach his goals, but he has become artistic with Juventus. At the end of each season, he surprises his fans and lovers with the new and the pleasure of performance.

Cristiano is the first player in football history to score 50 goals in "La Liga", "Premier League" and "Serie A". He is a great player that will not be repeated. He is a brilliant player in the English and Spanish league, and now he is making glories in the Italian despite his old age .. It is true who said that Age is “just a number.” And when we are under the illusion that players are about to end after 30 years, legend Ronaldo writes a history of his numbers, goals, championships and titles, and he is 35 years old.

Despite the “Corona” pandemic, the lovers of the round watch most of the European league matches, because the sports street is thirsty to see its teams, especially after the long pause .. Some players were affected by the pause, and the other returned with a high spirit and technical readiness, because he did not stop training and was practicing it at home With a strong schedule and exercises and diet, in order to keep himself ready and ready .. The Portuguese Ronaldo is an example of a professional player, who is conservative of himself, despite his old age.

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