Fidan Ekiz is going to quit her weekly column in the AD. The presenter can no longer combine writing with her presentation job for the new De Wereld Draait Door .

Editor-in-chief of the AD Paul van den Bosch announces that it is currently a temporary stop and that Ekiz will return if she is not seen daily on television.

In an extensive column he tells to be proud of her. According to Van den Bosch, Ekiz's sound has become indispensable for the newspaper. "We also feel what I have often heard and read with readers and followers over the past three years. Fidan belongs to us."

When Ekiz was a presenter on the NTR talk show De Nieuwe Maan last year , she said she was "the target of intimidation of regressive left-wing representatives of identity politics, (spokespersons of) the Islamic community, media and politicians".

Van den Bosch experienced "very close" how pressure was exerted on Ekiz at the time and therefore finds her sound extra important. "You can agree with a columnist, but you can (and should!) Be bothered by it without limits. Provided you accept that they and others think differently. For that freedom of speech and against an increasing culture of payment, Fidan fights, so we have often noticed ", he says.

Van den Bosch expects Ekiz to return around November.

Last month it was announced that Ekiz, together with Renze Klamer, will succeed Matthijs van Nieuwkerk as the presenter of the new DWDD.