The Rolling Stones in concert in Pasadena (California), in 2019. - Chris Pizzello / AP / SIPA

The Rolling Stones know very well how to make their fans wait. Ahead of the release of the Goat's Head Soup album reissue   in September, the band unveiled one of their unreleased tracks, dubbed Scarlet .

More a “demo” than a real song, explains Keith Richards, it is about a song recorded in October 1974 where appear guests of choice: Jimmy Page, the guitarist of Led Zeppelin, and the bassist Ric Grech of Blind. Faith, who died in 1990.

A reissue and several unpublished

Opinions differ as to the context of Scarlet's recording . According to the Rolling Stones guitarist, the group crossed paths with Led Zeppelin at the end of a studio session, and Jimmy Page decided to stay, reports But Jimmy Page claims to have been invited by the Stones to the studio of Ronnie Wood (member of the group since 1975), to play together. “I brought my guitar and did the solo,” he says in a video posted on Twitter.


Originally recorded in October 1974, this track has never been released before - featuring legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist @JimmyPage and guests Blind Faith's Rick Grech on bass. # ExperienceGoatsHeadSoup

- The Rolling Stones (@RollingStones) July 22, 2020

If we will probably never know the end of the story, the fact remains that fans of the Rolling Stones will be able to discover Scarlet in the reissue of  Goat's Head Soup  on September 4, as well as two other unreleased items, All The Rage and Cris Cross .


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