Chinanews client, Beijing, July 23 (Yuan Xiuyue) The annual film festival is a carnival day for movie fans. Not only can they see their favorite movies, but also have the opportunity to interact with the film creators.

  After the theater was suspended for nearly half a year, as the first major international film and television festival to return, the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival also received a lot of welcome from fans.

Poster of the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival

  At 8 o'clock in the morning on July 20, the Shanghai Film Festival officially opened the tickets, and the number of tickets issued within 10 minutes was 107,789, ushering in a good start. In 1 hour, the number of tickets issued reached 128042. Although this data is not outstanding compared to the previous one, last year the film festival sold more than 200,000 tickets in 30 minutes. However, under the conditions of epidemic prevention and control, the attendance rate per game does not exceed 30%. This year's ticket sales still fully reflects the enthusiasm of the fans.

Over 100,000 tickets issued in 10 minutes during the Shanghai Film Festival

  Unlike previous years where online and offline tickets were sold together, this year the Shanghai Film Festival adopted real-name online ticket sales and wireless offline ticket sales. Audiences need to download the ticketing APP and provide relevant identification information. A maximum of 4 movie tickets can be purchased for each show. When watching movies, the festival will implement real-name admission, and the staff will confirm the audience’s identity information, follow the application code, and perform temperature checks.

  According to the "Guidelines for the Reopening of Film Screening Sites of the China Film Distribution and Projection Association for the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic", audiences entering the theater area must wear masks at all times and cannot eat or drink.

Screenshot of ticketing APP

  The number of films screened this year has decreased. According to the Shanghai Film Festival Organizing Committee, the screenings of this year's film festival are divided into three parts: cinema screenings, open-air screenings and online screenings. There are more than 320 films screened in theaters, of which 232 films are world premiere, international premiere, Asian premiere and China premiere, which are divided into 36 large and small units and screened in 29 designated theaters in Shanghai.

  According to the schedule released by the Shanghai Film Festival, more than 300 films have been screened for more than 1,000 times, and there are 14 films including audience meetings, including "Auspicious Ruyi", "The Wind Is Calm", and "Buckwheat Is Growing Crazy", all of which are in China the film.

Screenshot of the schedule

  Online ticket sales and platooning have been reduced, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of fans to grab tickets. Many people have prepared their ticket-grabbing strategies in advance, prepared alarm clocks and the Internet, and some friends from other places also need to plan their ticket accommodation to Shanghai. However, the difficulty of grabbing tickets this year has not decreased. Some netizens said that when tickets were issued at 8 o'clock, many popular movies were sold out just after two minutes, so they had to buy one at random. Some netizens said that the five minutes of frantically grabbing votes ended in failure.

Weibo screenshots, netizens request additional films

  Among the films on display, the full series of "Harry Potter" movies, Leslie Cheung's "The White-haired Witch" and "Midnight Singing", Japanese animation director Jin Min's "Red Pepper" and "Millennium Actress", Italian film master Federico ·Fellini's "Eight and a half", "Sweet Life", "Roman Style Painting", "Joker", and "Apocalypse Now", "The Deception of the World JP: The Princess" and "1917" are all popular movies. Tickets are hard to find.

Netizens ask for movie tickets on social platforms saw on the ticketing APP that most of the films were sold out. Of the more than 150 films screened on July 25, only 6 had more tickets. Starting from July 20th, the Shanghai Film Festival officially added 46 films twice.

Screenshot of ticketing APP

  However, there are still many fans asking for votes on social networking sites. Scalper tickets are also taking advantage of the trend. On the second-hand trading platform, the number of movie tickets at the Shanghai Film Festival has surged, and some popular movies have several times the premium.


  Some netizens reported that two tickets for the movie "Red Pepper" cost 1,200 yuan, and two bids for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" were 1,500 yuan. Many netizens think that this fare is too outrageous. Some netizens have calculated an account. The original ticket price of the "Harry Potter" series is 160 yuan, and the full series is only 1280 yuan.

  In response, Xianyu also responded that it will seriously deal with the behavior of falsely high fares or excessively frequent ticket transactions.

Weibo screenshot

  In addition to film screenings, the most important Shanghai Film Festival is the Golden Goblet Award and the Asian Newcomer Award. The Golden Goblet Award includes 8 categories of awards, including best film, best director, best actor and actress, etc. In recent years, Huang Bo and Liu Ye have won the best actor awards. This year, two domestic films, "The Wind and the Waves" directed by Li Xiaofeng and "Auspicious Ruyi" directed by Dapeng, were selected for the Golden Goblet Award Feature Films. Award documentary and animated films.

"The Calm Sea" poster

  However, the Shanghai Film Festival Golden Goblet Award and the Asian Newcomer Award will not be judged this year. Only the "official selected films" will be announced. The Golden Goblet Festival and Red Carpet and the award ceremony and red carpet will not be held. The Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award Ceremony The red carpet link will also be cancelled.

"Good Fortune" poster

  In addition, the Shanghai Film Festival also includes events such as the Golden Jubilee Forum, the international film and television market, and film project venture capital. This year, it is Hirokazu Eede, Raf Diaz, Naomi Kawase and other international filmmakers who will participate in the "Film Academy" project remotely.

  At present, the film industry in many countries is gradually returning to work. Recently, the Venice Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival also announced that they will be held as scheduled in September. Although the number and scale of its films have been reduced, the opening of movie theaters and the restart of film festivals still bring positive signals to many film practitioners and fans. The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Film Festival also said that the holding of the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival will create a "warm-up" for the entire industry to resume work and production, bringing confidence and strength to the entire industry. (Finish)